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Quote Of The Week 
If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got - Unknown
Submitted by Angia Haward 
What Are We Up To This Week? 
This week I have been working on writing some content for a book on the "mindset of dieting" which I am absolutely loving doing.
I am going in for a small operation to improve my tummy tuck scar next week as it still hasn't healed properly after a year so also planning a couple of weeks in bed !! 
Issue: # 5 August 23rd 2008

This is the 5th of my "No Willpower Required" Newsletters. I am really enjoying writing them and hope that they are beneficial to all the readers.
As usual if in anyway you find this newsletter beneficial and thought provoking then please forward it to a friend or clients for them to sign up. If you go then you can read previous articles and also sign up there.
As a final thought before I go, this week I was in a meeting at work where the whole meeting was about what people can't do, every comment made was about what we should do to punish people who broke the rules, what we could do to stop people doing things and generally trying to be the police.
After the meeting I sat in my office and thought instead of what we could do to help people so that they wouldn't need to break the rules, it is such a simple change of mindset but deciding to be positive about something is just that, a decision!! Therefore I spent an hour with my whiteboard and a red pen and came up with some great ideas!
Have a great week
Mike :-) 
Beneficial Intent
By realising the true benefit you can then control the action! 
I remember when I first understood beneficial intent that for me it was like a eureka moment and therefore I want to share the idea with you and hope you will also get great benefit from it :-)  
If you think that everything you do, and I mean everything you do, has an initial benefit linked to it, then you can understand why you do what you do. Even if that action has a negative outcome then the original intent would have been beneficial.  
For example, if you have had an argument with someone then you might well go and grab a chocolate bar and eat it. You could just argue that it isn't a benefit so therefore why did you do it. But the reality is that the original beneficial intent of having the food was to "cheer yourself up" and hence your mind was trying to make you happier. The fact that ultimately you will become overweight / obese is a negative outcome but the initial intent was very much positive.  
So whenever you do anything and can't understand why you did it, instead of beating yourself up and generally saying you can't believe you did it, think instead of what the benefit was of doing it. When you realise the benefit you can then change the original action next time to still get the benefit, but without the destructive outcome.  
When I was big I used to hate being by myself, therefore whenever Jo used to go to work I used to binge eat out of the cupboards in the kitchen. I always said I didn't know why I did it, but the reason I did it was that I was trying to change my emotional state from being lonely to enjoying the food. Now I am slim, I realise that actually I don't like being by myself because I am a sociable chap, so now I chat to my friends on the phone, come on the internet and write a few E-Mails or go on Facebook. Therefore, I have realised the original intent was to stop me being lonely but the way I was doing that was making me very very overweight, now I choose instead to keep in touch with people which gives me the same result but without the negative outcomes.  
So remember ultimately everything you do is to help you, whenever you eat when maybe you think you shouldn't, or drink when you shouldn't or put an extra 50 on the overdraft then think , 'what was the benefit of doing that? '   
Finally I was explaining this to someone the other day and they asked me this question "OK, what was the benefit of being big then Mike?", I sat for a few seconds before answering, "Because people never used to push me about then", it was another revelation to me as I realised that when I was at my biggest I had this hidden benefit in my mind of being some sort of tough guy (which I never was!).  
Anyway have a great week, next Saturday I will be in hospital but will write the newsletter and put a delay on it so hopefully you will still get it!  
Keep smiling! :-)  
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