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Volume 5 Issue 3
March 2012

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Tryouts: What's the Message?
Are You a Good Coach?
Four Steps to Being in the Moment
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As spring seasons get underway everywhere, we'd like to remind you that nothing makes a better coaches gift than CoachDeck! You'll be giving them a training tool and great "thank-you" all in one! Take a look at the clubs near you using our product!

In this issue: Adrian Parrish provides tips for conducting tryouts and the inherent issues that go hand-in-hand. Brian Gotta boils down the criteria for evaluating coaching success to one simple thing. And, new contributor John Ellsworth has written an article that will help you help athletes maintain better focus.  


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Tryouts: What's the Message? Adrian Parrish
By Adrian Parrish 

No matter how you conduct your soccer try-outs somebody will find a flaw, somebody will be unhappy, even if you opt to keep every player that attends the tryouts. The reason is that it comes down to opinions and the inability to please everyone. Read Article  
Brian GottaEasy Way to Know if You're a Good Coach
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck


How do you know if you're a good coach? Wouldn't it be nice if there were one simple test to determine your ability? Of course, there are many factors that go into coaching, but if there is a single thing you could do to ensure your season was measured a success, you'd want to do it, right? Read Article 

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Four Steps to Being In the MomentJohn Ellsworth
By John R. Ellsworth M.A

Every athlete I work with in one way shape or form has challenges with "being in the moment" or focusing in the present when it's time to perform in competition.  When in the heat of a ballgame it is critical for focus to be on only the things that matter to successful execution of the skill or task at hand. Read Article
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