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Volume 5 Issue 3
March 2012

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4 Steps to Being in the Moment
Game Day Protocol
Pitching Velocity
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In this issue: Longtime contributor Dan Gazaway of the Pitching Academy explains that pitching velocity can be more than just what's on the radar gun. Brian Gotta offers a guideline sheet that leagues may wish to use or adapt so volunteers are all on the same page this season. And new contributor Jim Ellsworth provides us with tips to ensure athletes can always maintain focus.

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Four Steps to Being In the MomentJohn Ellsworth

By John R. Ellsworth M.A


Every athlete I work with in one way shape or form has challenges with "being in the moment" or focusing in the present when it's time to perform in competition.  When in the heat of a ballgame it is critical for focus to be on only the things that matter to successful execution of the skill or task at hand.  Read Article

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Brian Gotta

Game Day Protocol     

By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

With leagues starting everywhere, thousands of new volunteers are learning on the job. You can use this guide to help them understand proper procedures and know what is expected of them, so everyone can have a great season.  

Read Article 

Beam Clay
Dan Gazaway

Pitching Velocity: 3 Kinds of Velocity? 
by Dan Gazaway

Did you know there are three types of pitching velocity? They are real, perceived and effective velocity. I am going to spend more time talking about perceived and effective pitching velocity more than I will real velocity because there is simply more to them. Read Article  

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