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Marilyn Fitterman
 Oh My What Am I To Do?
     These are truly difficult times in the history of our nation, especially for a curmudgeon such as I. As a certified curmudgeon it is expected that I find the misery in a situation and spread that around. So, here I go.  What am I to do about this presidential election?
     On one side we have an old man whose IQ is probably his shoe size.  However, some think the fact that he was tortured for five years qualifies him to run a country. And he insists upon control of women's uteri by not leaving us choice. WOW talk about macho.      
     And, his running mate is the antithesis of what women for equality have worked for all these years. She believes that it's perfectly O.K. to use a woman's body as a ward of the state. No abortion, no choice, not even in cases of rape or incest. She says that it's a blessing for her seventeen-year- old daughter to have a child. And this after our government has been pouring millions of dollars every year into trying to convince children not to have children, be it through condoms or abstinence. Where did she come from?
     On the other side we have a charismatic non-entity with absolutely no experience and no history of promoting nor speaking out for, women's rights. Furthermore he has in fact promised millions of dollars more to faith- based programs, i.e., religious groups that fervently oppose reproductive freedom and lesbian/gay civil rights. All this with our tax dollars.
     Obama's running mate, who is probably the best of all four candidates, still leaves some things for a curmudgeon to complain about. For instance, does anyone remember the terrible time Biden gave Anita Hill, in not believing her? Then we got stuck with Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court. And, didn't Biden say he opposed abortion funding for poor women? And now, not to be a killjoy, even though a curmudgeon, this election cycle has been the catalyst for dividing some of the longest existing women's organizations in the country. Sisters are fighting with sisters, mothers fighting with daughters, women's groups fighting, not only amongst themselves, but with each other. Longterm friendships have been shattered. Oh My What Am I Do