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Marilyn Fitterman
     This week Israel elected Tzipi Livni as Prime Minister.  Israel is only 60 years young.  The United States, after more than 200 years, has never even run a woman for president. 
     Although we came close this year, once again it was proven that sexism is more tolerable than racism. 
     A recently released U.N. study examines the percentage of women in government. Have a look at this and you'll wonder why there aren't more feminist curmudgeons like me.
     Let's not forget that 52% of Americans are women.  Talk about being underrepresented - could the picture be any more stark?
     Women in political office in America:  
*         74 of 435 members of the House of Representative (17%) 
*        16 of 100 Senators (16%) 
*         8 out of 50 Governors (16%)
     This puts the U.S. at 68th among nations worldwide for percentage of women in government.
     Tajikistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Uganda all rank ahead of the US. After recent elections awarded women 44 out of 80 seats (55%), Rwanda has the world's first-ever woman-controlled parliament.
     It is historically proven that power has never been given up without a fight.  So - come on, let's put up our dukes and take the power.  Anyone want to join me?