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Nancy Pelosi: A Woman For All Treasons
Marilyn Fitterman
           Question: What do Nancy Pelosi and Sarah Palin have in common?
          Answer: They both stand on the shoulders of women who came before them. They have both betrayed women by not standing firm on the issues for which our foremothers fought so hard. 
          On the first day of Nancy Pelosi's term as Speaker of the House, she "took the impeachment of George Bush off the table," claiming it would waste Senate's time. Think about it. Impeachment was OK for a little sex scandal but not for an unnecessary, illegal, and horrible war that's killing our young people.
          During his last two years in office, Bill Clinton wasn't able to get anything done because he was kept busy defending his sexual escapades from the Republican-chaired Senate Judicial Committee. Imagine if we had kept Bush busy defending the war? We could have kept him occupied for two years, and perhaps saved thousands of lives. Thanks Nancy!
          Pelosi has done it again. According to the 9/8/08 New York Times, she has scrapped plans for another vote on expansion of the Children's Health Insurance Program, thus sparing Republicans from a politically difficult vote, which would have exposed them as anti-child when it comes to the almighty buck. That is one of many actions that Pelosi has taken to protect Republicans from exposure as the anti-women, anti-child, anti-choice party they currently are. Thanks again Nancy!
          I remember clearly the day Nancy Pelosi was installed as the first woman Speaker of the House. Hundreds of NOW women were outside the building as she entered. She turned to them and said:  "Thank you, you have always been there for me."  Yes, Nancy we were there for you.  But what have you done for us?
          Please contact Nancy Pelosi and tell her to put the Children's Health Insurance Program up for a vote. Let's show up the Republican right-wing hypocrisy on protecting children only before their birth. 
202-225-0100 or http://speaker.house.gov/contact/