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The Solar ABCs is a collaborative effort among experts to formally gather and prioritize input from the broad spectrum of photovoltaic stakeholders resulting in coordinated recommendations to codes and standards making bodies for existing and new solar technologies.
Solar ABCs Newsletter
September 2010
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Solar ABCs Stakeholder Meeting
Flammability Interim Report
Wind Load Report
Solar ABCs Gap Analysis Report
Field Inspection Guidelines for PV Systems
ASTM Glass Standards for Solar
ASTM Committee Meetings
2011 National Electrical Code
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Welcome to the September newsletter for the Solar America Board for Codes and Standards (Solar ABCs).   The Solar ABCs Newsletter provides the latest news and information about solar codes and standard achievements, announcements, and events.
The Solar ABCs also provides industry and other interested organizations the opportunity to co-fund a Solar ABCs research study focused on a PV codes and standards issue. Co-funding participation provides organization direct access to PV codes and standards research and development. Current co-funding opportunities include: recommended protocol for accelerated aging testing, high wind loads and model code for PV arrays, snow load issues, other structural load issues, and grounding.  If you are interested contact me for more information.

Larry Sherwood
Project Administrator
Solar America Board for Codes and Standards
Solar America Board for Codes and Standards Annual Meeting
October 15, 2010, 8am - 12:30pm, Los Angeles, California

Register Now for the Solar ABCs Annual 2010 Stakeholder Meeting, which will be held on October 15, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.  The Solar ABCs holds an annual meeting to provide PV stakeholders an update and overview of Solar ABCs codes and standards projects and also includes other industry PV codes and standards activities.   This meeting is free to attend and is conveniently scheduled at the conclusion of Solar Power International 2010.   View the Agenda.
Flammability Report CoverFlammability Interim Report
The Solar ABCs and Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) have released a new Interim Report. The report, entitled Flammability Testing of Standard Roofing Products in the Presence of Standoff-mounted Photovoltaic Modules, summarizes the results of laboratory tests conducted at the UL Fire Research Laboratory in Northbrook, Ill. to investigate how roofs and PV modules behave as a "system" when exposed to external fire and flames. Based on this stage of laboratory testing, the results indicate there is no immediate need to revise current standard practices for installation of standoff-mounted solar modules. A one one-page summary and the report are available on the Solar ABCs web site.
Solar Wind Load Report Released
The Solar ABCs released a report, Wind Load Calculations for PV Arrays, which provides sample calculations for determining wind loads on PV arrays based on ASCE Standard 7-05. The focus of the report is on applying the existing codes and standards to the typical residential application of PV arrays mounted parallel to the roof slope and relatively close (3 to 6 inches) to the roof surface. It does not address other array configurations or building-integrated PV.   A one-page summary and the report are available on the Solar ABCs web site.
Solar ABCs Gap Analysis Report Released
The Solar ABCs has released its 2010 Gap Analysis Report, which lists the consensus national and international PV codes and standards issues hindering the PV market. This report summarizes the method used to conduct the gap analysis, lists the potential topics identified, and establishes the priorities of the topics that will become the future work by Solar ABCs and others.   Download the 2010 Gap Analysis Report
IREC Releases Field Inspection Guidelines for PV SystemsField Inspection Guidelines
The Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) has released the 2010 Edition of Field Inspection Guidelines for PV Systems, authored by Bill Brooks. The intent of the 2010 Guidelines is to consolidate the most import aspects of a field inspection into a simple process that can be performed in as little as 15 minutes. Explanation and illustrative pictures are provided to instruct the inspector on the specific details of each step.  Download the full report.
Meeting of ASTM Subcommittee on Glass for Solar
The ASTM E44.20 Glass for Solar Subcommittee recently met to begin the process of creating standards and guides for the solar glazing industry.  The Subcommittee's scope is focused on developing an edge classification scale for glass used in all glass applications in solar technology. This meeting began the discussion to define a set of edge finishes, geometry, and defects that can be used by manufacturers to specify their needs.  Read more.
ASTM Committee to Meet
ASTM Committee E44 on Solar, Geothermal and Other Alternative Energy Sources will meet November 16-17 in San Antonio, TX.  The committee will discuss current work on PV Fire Safety, PV Electric Power Conversion, and Glass for Solar Applications.  Click here for more information.
2011 National Electrical Code and Handbook Available
The 2011 NEC Code will be available on October 10, 2010 and the Handbook will be available  November 19, 2010.  The code highlights major changes in meeting consumer demand for alternate energy and green technologies, such as revised Article 705 which covers interconnecting generators, windmills, and solar and fuel cells with other power supplies, revised Article 690 which covers solar electric systems, and the new Article 694 with first-time requirements for small wind electric systems.  Read highlights and purchase the 2011 Code or Handbook.