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Seeking Skilled and Passionate New Board Members? Leaders on Board Can Help!


Leadership Greater Hartford has drawn from the ranks of area employers and from its 4,000 person leadership network to identify prospective board candidates.  These candidates represent a wide variety of skill areas and demographic groups.


Interested candidates participate in a board orientation workshop that helps them better understand the roles and responsibilities of serving on nonprofit boards.  Candidates are then introduced to a variety of area nonprofits in an effort to help them find an organization that fits their interests and can benefit from their unique skills and background.


Most of the referrals are accomplished through an innovative approach called Express Match in which a number of interested board candidates are brought together with several nonprofits. Candidates meet with representatives of each nonprofit and indicate whether there is mutual interest in pursuing a relationship.


This process exposes nonprofits to a large number of candidates whom they otherwise may never have met, while allowing candidates to meet a range of nonprofits they may not have found on their own.


Leaders on Board charges interested nonprofits a reasonable annual membership fee to participate in the program. There is no cost to the board candidates.


Learn more:


Hartford Foundation Launches New Strategic Plan, Accelerate Success 


Today, despite efforts by many, Greater Hartford faces significant challenges. Most, if not all, can be traced to two unacceptable but entirely changeable conditions in our state: 

  • We have the largest education achievement gap in the nation.
  • We have the second largest income gap in the nation.


Accelerate SuccessOver the past year, we at the Hartford Foundation asked the community - what needs to be done to address these chronic problems?  Nearly 700 nonprofit, community, business and government leaders, donors, professional advisors, and funders, shared their views.


Based on those conversations, and our own research, the Hartford Foundation has adopted a strategic plan, Accelerate Success, to help prepare residents of Greater Hartford to compete and prosper in our global economy through an integrated system of high-quality education and workforce development.


The Hartford Foundation's mission will not change.  We remain the community foundation for the 29-town Greater Hartford region, and will continue to provide grantmaking in all areas that affect residents of the region.  We will also be more strategic and focused in two major areas: education and workforce development.


The goals are ambitious.  We recognize that we cannot do it alone. We will continue talking with our current partners, and potential new ones, to learn more about how we can work together to achieve the systemic change we all desire.  Then, together we will embark upon the difficult and lengthy work that lies ahead.


Read about our goals and objectives, learn more about how these two issues affect all residents of the region, and join the conversation at


Is your executive director leaving the organization?


If so, the Executive Transition Program may be able to help. Call us to learn more about helping your board to do the proper planning required to have a successful transition.

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