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August 21st, 2012

How To Write An Action Plan 

When writing an action plan to achieve a particular goal or outcome, you can get much help from the following steps.

  • Clarify your goal. Can you get a visual picture of the expected outcome? How can you see if you have reached your destination? What does make your goal measurable? What constraints do you have, like the limits on time, money, or other resources?
  • Write a list of actions. Write down all actions you may need to take to achieve your goal. At this step focus on generating and writing as many different options and ideas as possible. Take a sheet of paper and write more and more ideas, just as they come to your mind. While you are doing this, try not to judge or analyze.
  • Analyze, prioritize, and prune. Look at your list of actions. What are the absolutely necessary and effective steps to achieve your goal? Mark them somehow. After that, what action items can be dropped from the plan without significant consequences for the outcome? Cross them out.
  • Organize your list into a plan.Decide on the order of your action steps. Start from looking at your marked key actions. For each action, what other steps should be completed before that action? Rearrange your actions and ideas into a sequence of ordered action steps. Finally, look at your plan once again. Are there any ways to simplify it even more?  How much have you progressed towards your goal by now? What new information have you acquired? Use this information to further adjust and optimize your plan.
  • Monitor the execution of your plan and review the plan regularly. How much have you progressed towards your goal by now? What new information have you acquired? Use this information to further adjust and optimize your plan. t

~ Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC. Copyright protected worldwide

 Five Star Performance is a business improvement consulting and executive coaching practice (a.k.a. The Coaching Authority) which focuses on helping individuals develop plans to balance the profit motives of the business with the personal motives of employee's lives.

At Five Star Performance we help organizations get quick results and build a long-term competitive advantage.  Through a combination of learning techniques and practice tools, educational sessions will assist participants in the development of vital leadership skills on both personal and professional level.

Patrick Frazier, the Coaching Authority, is based out of Granger, IN specializing in meeting the needs of professionals in the Heath Care and Manufacturing industries. 

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Exceptional Leaders... Are Demanding

Exceptional Leaders challenge and stretch their people, and they do it all the time.

Being demanding does not mean being autocratic. It means expecting and communicating the requirements needed for the best work and giving constructive feedback to others when the best is not delivered. This is a common approach for exceptional coaches and teachers as well.

If a leader is satisfied with less, performance ratchets downward toward mediocrity.

Thought Provoker

- How does your performance match up with your personal standards? You can't expect others to do their best if you don't do yours.


- Scan your horizon for the people who have the most influence on the success of your organization and on you. Are they performing up to your standards?


- Are they performing to a standard that will allow the organization to meet its goals?


- If not, be willing to take action. Action means opening the conversation about performance and communicating expectations, including clearly stating the standards for excellence.


Being relaxed about your performance and the performance of others is a recipe for mediocrity. t

~ Copyright protected by author Bruce M. Anderson. Reprinted with permission. Thinking Partners Inc.



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