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  September 2011

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Catan Novel
WWCC 2012
Catan C&K for Mobile
PlayCatan Updates
Catan for Android
Stone Age Video Demo
Rivals is a good 2 Player Game
Catan in NYTimes and Chicago Tribune
Player Event Updates
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The Struggle for Catan 


Catan Dice Game -

Standard  Edition


The Settlers of Catan™ 15th Anniversary Edition


The Rivals of Catan™ 



Wacky Wacky West™


 Settlers of America™



Catan Dice Game Deluxe™

Dice Game

Catan Geographies: Germany™



Catan Novel

The Settlers of Catan(Novel) by Rebecca Gable Publishing in English Language

The book is now available for pre-order on Amazon


Catan Novel

Did you know there was a Catan novel published in Germany by popular German Author, Rebecca Gable? The novel has now been translated by Lee Chadeayne, and is releasing soon in the English language.


You can pre-order the novel now on Amazon. The offcial release date for the book is November 15th. The Settlers of Catan by Rebecca Gable and Lee Chadeayne is available in paperback and for Amazon kindle.


Learn more or pre-order the book here: The Settlers of Catan by Rebecca Gable


Catan World Championship News

The WWCC will be in the US for 2012

 The World Wide Catan Championship will be in Pennsylvania for 2012!


Our US partner, Mayfair Games, has announced that the they will be hosting the Worldwide Catan Championship for a second time in 2012. The event is scheduled to take place near Valley forge, PA, at the historic Normandy Farm. More information about the championship event can be found in the announcement on at the link below. Stay tuned for more details soon!


 Online/Electronic Game News

Catan: Cities & Knights for iOS & Android

 Releasing this winter



Our partners at Exozet and USM have announced that the Catan expansion Cities & Knights will be releasing this winter for iOS and Android. Beware of the Barbarians coming soon to a smart phone near you!


Find all our apps:

iPad   iPhone/iPod Touch   Android


Updates from August/September

News from the Catan Online World


Catan Online World 


Below is a list and links to a number of news stories about


We'd like to draw particular attention to the story "Bridging the Communication Gap and Simplifying Gameplay in the Free Area of the COW" posted on 9/14. It discusses many of the improvements we are implementing into the COW, such as: chat improvements, turn timers, and enhanced player feedback to address issues of players dropping out of games. Please follow the links below to catch-up on what's been happening in the COW.


Community & Game News



Learn more and play Catan online at the link below:

Catan for Android

 For those who missed the news, the app is available in the Android Market



We still had a couple comments on Facebook and inquiries about Catan for Android. This is just a reminder for those who might have missed the news. 


The app is available and can be found in the Android Market here.



The Settlers of the Stone Age White Glove Demo

Learn how to play with the Glover!

The Settlers of the Stone Age White Glove Demo
The Settlers of the Stone Age White Glove Demo

The Settlers of Catan YouTube channel has been updated to include all the Catan White Glove Demo videos to help players learn the game. Please subscribe to our channel and pass the videos on to new players, family, and friends who might need help learning how to play one of our games.






Watch here:


Subscribe to our channel:

Good 2-player Catan Game

The Rivals for Catan is a great way to settle if you've only got 2 players


Join Prof. Easy, Siegfried, Marlene, and Jean as they teach you how to play The Rivals for Catan.


Learn to play here:






Games in the Media

Catan on and in The Chicago Tribune

There was some buzz about the island in the media


The first piece, by Iram Ifran of Climatwire, "Board Game Brings the Difficulties of Climate Negotiations Home," recounts a Catan boardgaming event at the Goethe Institut in Washington DC where the scenario "Climate catan" was played, adding oil as a resource. The findings were interesting, read the full artilce here: "Board Game Brings the Difficulties of Climate Negotiations Home.


Catan was also mentioned recently in a piece by Janet Kidd Stewart, published in the Chicago Tribune, called "Getting Back in the Game."  The article discusses how games reflect real-life economy. Read the full article here: "Getting Back in the Game."


Gaming Events

Catan Player Event Updates! 

Be looking for announcements on the WWCC(World Wide Catan Championship) in the coming months and visit or our Facebook page for more information on  tournaments.

Find us on Facebook
WWCC 2011 Events:


CharCon Indy: Fri, Oct 21, 2011 - Sun, Oct 23, 2011

Charleston, West Virginia

WWCC Pre-Qualifier

For details please visit:


Until next month...
Thank you for reading the Catan News Wire. We appreciate your readership!


The Catan Team


White Glove Demo List

Below is a list of all the White Glove Demo videos created to help you learn how to play our games:


Candamir™ - The First Settlers
Catan Histories: Settlers of America™ Trails to Rails
Catan: Cities & Knights™ 5-6 Player Extension™
Catan: Cities & Knights™ Game Expansion
Catan: Seafarers™ 5&6 Player Extension™
Catan: Seafarers™ Game Expansion
Catan: Traders & Barbarians™ 5-6 Player Extension
Catan: Traders & Barbarians™ Expansion  Pt. 1
Catan: Traders & Barbarians™ Expansion  Pt. 2  
Catan™ Dice Game Deluxe
The Settlers of Catan™
The Settlers of Catan™ 5 & 6 Player Extension™
Wacky Wacky West™