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  October  2010

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Big 50 Contest!
Rivals for Catan in COW
Catan HD for iPad
Third COW Game Period Begins
Part 8 - Era of Progress and The Duel
Catan Birthday Cake
Catan in the Media
2010 WWCC Weekend
Mayfair Games at Essen
NACC Event Updates
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Wacky Wacky West™


Settlers of America:
Trails to Rails™



Catan Dice Game Deluxe™

Dice Game

Artisans & Benefactors™

Artisans & Benfactors

Catan Geographies: Germany™

Catan Portable Edition™

Catan: Traders & Barbarians™

                                 Settlers of America Contest
Settlers of America Big 50 Contest!

Mayfair Games and Catan, Inc. are launching a contest in celebration of Settlers of America: Trails to Rails™, the most recent and popular addition to the Catan family of games. This contest is all about Catan and American history. We\'d like to see gamers from all 50 states show us their best Catan-themed photo, shot in a historical or significant US location that is local to their state of residence. For example, you could take a picture of yourself under the Seattle Space Needle holding the robber, in a pasture dressed as a sheep for Halloween, or maybe on the Blue Ridge in Virginia with your favorite blue Catan player pieces. It's up to you to pick the best place, theme, or pieces, but please make sure to include an obvious Catan theme and a clear enough idea of the setting/place.

The contest will officially begin today and submissions will close at midnight on Sunday November 28th, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, 2010. The contest will be open only to US residents. Contestants should submit their entry in the following manner:

  • Include the state you're representing, a short description of your Catan-theme, and place depicted in your photo.
  • Make sure to put the tag/phrase "Settlers of America Contest" in the description as well.
Voting will be allowed during the entire submission period, and it will extend one week after the submission deadline until Midnight December 5th. The winners will be announced on December 6th. To vote simply click "like" under your favorite photo (that has been submitted to our fan page with the contest tag). The top 50 photos with the most likes will receive a special Settlers of America™ T-shirt, created by OffWorld Designs! The contestant whose submission receives the most votes will also receive a copy of Mayfair Games' wonderful new title - "The Settlers of America™".

So, make sure your state wins by telling your friends, family members, Facebook buddies, and the Catan Facebook fans to vote for("like") your picture submission.

All the contest action will be happening on our Facebook fan page here:

                                 Online/Electronic Game News
"The Rivals for Catan™" in the Catan Online World!

COW Card

The brand new Catan game "The Rivals for Catan™" is available in the Catan Online World before it hits shelves later this year! "The Rivals for Catan™" is the comprehensive reworked re-release of the popular Catan Card Game. The updated game offers a big variety of game play, including: an Introductory Game, three Theme Sets and the exciting Duel Mode! The game can be found in the board game tavern. The old card game will be available until further notice.

The Introductory Game will be available for all users. However, the Theme Sets and the Duel Mode will be only available for users with Premium account.

To play Catan online for free and learn more about the new "The Rivals for Catan™" online game, visit:

"Catan HD" for iPad now available in the App Store!

This month kicked-off with the release of "Catan HD" for Apple iPad. The app is currently available for $ 4.99 in the App Store!

The App is similar to its predecessor, created for the iPhone and the iPod touch. Four players can play locally against each other or against savvy computer opponents, which are available as well. Catan for iPhone/iPad updates automatically on a regular basis to add new game options. Additional apps, such as the "Seafarers" expansions, are currently in the planning stage.

To learn more about Catan HD or purchase the App, visit the App Store via the link below:

App store

The Second Game Period Ends, and the Third Begins!


The results of the 2nd game period are in! Würfelbach brought home the bacon - in the Capital of Catan ranking list, it positioned itself ahead of Bergamon. As in the last game period, Steinfurt took third place. Congratulations to all three cities on their achievement!
In the tournaments, Räuberslust took the lead during this game period, followed by Würfelbach and Erzberg.
With the closing of the 2nd game period, the 3rd game period started Thursday, October 14th at 10AM. Prepare for some cold weather, because it will be winter again in the Catan Online World. All titles obtained can be viewed in the Library.

Read the full story here:

                                            Catanism Blog
Read "Part 8 - The 'Era of Progress' Theme Set and the Duel," the latest addition to the Catanism Blog!
Klaus Teuber continues his series about the upcoming "Rivals for Catan" card game, arriving in stores later this year.

In Part 8, Klaus introduces us to the Theme Games, the "Era of Progress" and "The Duel." The "Era of Progress" is played with it's theme set cards and the basic cards introduced in part 5 of the Card Game reform blog post series. The Duel Theme Game includes a challenging game of all three Theme Sets at once!

To learn more,
read Klaus' latest post here:

Part 8 - The "Era of Progress" Theme Set and the Duel

Read more blog posts from the entire Catan team here:


                                            Fans for Fans
Catan Birthday Cake!
Look at this delicious cake made by Kalli Cakes & Confections of Columbus, OH!

We received a request for permission to re-create Catan in cake form by Andrea from Kalli Cakes & Confections LLC in Columbus, OH. We of course granted her wish to make such a cake for a clients 15th birthday, with out any hesitation. The very thought of a delicious Catan cake made us anxious to see the results. Unfortunately, we can't taste the cake, but as you can see in the picture it looks absolutely amazing! So we can only imagine it tastes amazing as well:)

If anyone else has any creations they have made based off Catan, please share them with us on our Facebook page:

To see a larger picture of the cake visit it here on Facebook: 

To learn more about Kalli Cakes & Confections, visit them on Facebook here:

                                            Media Coverage
Catan in the Media!

John Lutz (30 Rock, Saturday Night Live) and friends play Catan™ on the MS Surface:
Mayfair Games and Catan joins Gnome Games in filling out Extreme Home Makeover:
Mayfair Games to sponsor Gen Con for 2011:
White Glove Demos now on line for The Settlers of Catan™, all Expansions and Extensions:
"NBA Jam" inspired by "Settlers of Catan" from MTV:

                                              Gaming Events
The 2010 WWCC Weekend!

WWCCOn Friday, September 17, 2010 fifty-two players from twenty eight countries gathered at Burg Wildenstein Castle in Leibertingen, Germany.  Five of these representatives were there because they had won tournaments in North America.  They were David Zevin (American, Gen Con Indy 2010 Winner), Chris Bradley (American, Origins Game Fair 2010 Winner), Adrian DeRoche (Canadian, Western Canada Champion 2010), Robin Baksh (Canadian, Eastern Canada Champion 2010) and Edgar Zurawell (Canadian, NACC 2009 Champion).

The first day of play was dedicated to the preliminary round.  During this time, the field of 52 would be reduced to the top sixteen players. Saturday was set aside for players to enjoy the castle and immerse themselves in the medieval experience.  The festivities included a medieval banquet, ball, as well as an exhibition game of Catan played by Klaus Teuber, German sports star Stefan Kretzschmar, and four invited Catan fans!

Sunday was back to business as the top sixteen players faced off over  four boards.  At the end of four games, Maris Logins, Erwin Pauelsen,  Mauri Sahlberg and Peter Jahne moved on to the final round.  In this final round, the game was hotly contested from the start.  Ultimately, Pauelsen was able secure the victory by stealing the "Longest Road" card from Jahne and reach ten victory points.  The final standings were: 1st) Erwin Pauelsen (Netherlands), 2nd) Maris Logins (Latvia), 3rd) Mauri Sahlberg (Finland), and 4th) Peter Jahne (Germany).

Mayfair Games offers its congratulations to Erwin Pauelsen, the other final four players, our five North American players, as well as the rest of the players, all champions of their various countries.  We look forward to hosting the 2011 North American Catan Championships at Gen Con Indy 2011, and the 2012 Worldwide Catan Championship.

Read the full stories here:

WWCC at Wildenstein Castle: The Title Goes to the Netherlands!

A Closer Look at the WWCC Weekend:

Mayfair Games at Essen!
Four Days of Non-Stop Gaming!

Essen Spiel begins next week, October 21st and ends on the 23rd.  We'll be present at several locations during the show.  You can find us at the Kosmos Verlag booth, in Halle 12(booth 17) or at  our partners Mayfair Games' booths, in Halle 11(booth 41) or Halle 9(booth 72)!

Mayfair Games will be showcasing the most recent addition to the Catan Histories series of games, Settlers of America: Trails to Rails™, as well as the upcoming Rivals for Catan™. Demos of Klaus Teuber's Wacky Wacky West™ will be offered throughout the show and Mayfair Games will also be presenting several of their other  exciting new releases, such as:  Automobile™, Nuns on the Run™, Ablaze™, Lemming Mafia™, and Glenn's Gallery™.

To learn more about these games, visit the Mayfair Games website here:

For more information on Essen Spiel, please visit the official convention website:

NACC Events Updates!

NACC 2011 Be looking for announcements on more NACC Qualifiers in the coming months and visit our website ( or facebook page for more information on NACC tournaments.

Find us on Facebook

NACC 2011 Events:

Cat & Mouse: Oct. 16, Nov. 14, Jan. 22, Feb. 6 & 26, Mar. 19
Chicago, IL, USA
NACC Pre-Qualifying Events
For details please visit:

CharCon: October 22
Charleston, WV, USA
NACC Pre-Qualifier Event
For details please visit:

NeonCon: November 4-7
Las Vegas, NV, USA
For details please visit:

All the Kings Men: November 20
Pitman, NJ, USA
NACC Pre-Qualifier Event 2
For details please visit:

WolfCon: November 26-28
Chicago, IL, USA
NACC Pre-Qualifier
For details please visit:

Game Summit Canada: February 18-20 
Nepean, ON, Canada
NACC Pre-Qualifier Canada
For details please visit:

Total Confusion: February 24-27
Mansfield, MA., USA
NACC Pre-Qualifier
For details please visit:


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