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  September 2010

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The Rivals for Catan™
Wacky Wacky West™ Debut
Catan Single League Mayors Election
The End of the Catanian Knighthood
Media Buzz
New White Glove Demos
PAX Prime
WWCC and Essen
Borad Game Cafe
NACC Event Updates
Quick Links
Recent Releases


Settlers of America:
Trails to Rails™


Catan Dice Game Deluxe™

Dice Game

Artisans & Benfactors™

Artisans & Benfactors

Catan Geographies: Germany™

Catan Portable Edition™

Catan: Traders & Barbarians™

                                              Game News
The Rivals for Catan is Coming Q4!

The updated re-release of the 2 Player Catan Card Game is coming later this year. The new card game will be called, The Rivals for Catan™ and it will be hitting stores in Q4 2010. Look for more information about this updated and vastly expanded game coming soon. Read the product description below to learn more.

The Rivals for Catan™ provides a perfect way for 2 players to settle and develop the bountiful land of Catan. This casual card game is easy to take with you anywhere and plays in about 45 minutes.

The game puts you in charge of one of two factions developing the recently-settled island of Catan.  Use a unique card mix to create your own principality and outsmart your rival!  Explore and settle new lands, while you acquire and trade resources.  Use gold, resource combinations, and the roll of the dice to develop your domain.  Expand your settlements and cities, recruit heroes, and defend your lands through politics, invention, and intrigue.  A clever strategy and a dash of luck decides who will be Prince of Catan!

MFG3131 The Rivals for Catan™
Ages 10+
For 2 Players
Playing Time 45 minutes
Designer: Klaus Teuber

If you haven't been following Klaus Teuber's blog series about the reform of the Catan Card Game you can read all seven parts beginning with Part 1 at the link below:

Catan Card Game Reform - Parts 1-7

Wacky Wacky West™ is Available Now!

Klaus Teuber's most recent release with Mayfair Games is now available in your local general store!

Wacky Wacky West In Wacky Wacky West™, you and your fellow townsfolk place track tiles, street tiles, and river tiles hoping to destroy your rivals' buildings. Every time someone tries to build over a precious outhouse, the town votes! You try to enlist your supporters (represented by cards) to vote. Read more about this new game on the product page at the link below:

Wacky Wacky West™ (2-4 players, ages 8+, 30-45 minutes, approx. $35)

                                 Online/Electronic Game News
Catan Single League begins October 1, 2010!


The Catan Single League starts on October 1, 2010 with the 3rd round (season 2010/Q4). Playing is possible for all, both premium members of cow (mixed league with scenarios from cities and knights and seafarers) and non-premium members (base league with base version only). Owing to the separation in time zones (Eastern-, Middle-, Western Conference) the date arrangements should be no problems. More information on The registration is possible from now on

To play Catan online for free and learn more about "The Catan Single League", visit: Mayors Election!

Citizens of World Village, Port Niagara, Pacifica, Conestoga Kreek, Katimavik Bay and Kolonistenpolder!
It is time for the sixth/fourth/third/first election of mayor in World Village/Port Niagara/Pacifica/Conestoga Kreek, Katimavik Bay and Kolonistenpolder  Lächelnd (parallel it is the 20th election of mayor since begin of the COW)

The election period will be from September 25th - October 3rd, 2010.

Before the election period can start, first the candidates for mayor have to be nominated. The candidates will be enrolled in the election folder, where they have to consent to their nomination. This folder will be opened by the last mayor. 2 weeks before the election starts, this folder will be closed (September 11th, 2010).

To learn more about the election visit the thread in the Playcatan forum here:

                                            Catanism Blog
Read "The End of the Catanian
on Catanism!
An Investigative Look Behind the Curtains of Editorial Annihilation of a Social Status - a new blog post about tournament, strength, and
skill points by Peter Gustav "The Bear" Bartschat.

The most recent addition to the Catanism blog comes from collaborator Peter Bartschat. In his post, Peter talks about the story of the Catanian knighthood's downfall and how he aided in the reform of the Catan Card Game.

Read Peter's post: The End of Catanian Knighthood

Read more blog posts from the entire Catan team here:


                                            Media Coverage
Catan has been buzzing the media!

ImageThe Settlers of Catan™ has been catching quite a lot of media buzz in the past couple months. Read some of these interesting stories below to see what's been happening in the world of Catan recently.

New York Magazine - Mark Zuckerberg: He's Just like Us
- Catan is listed as one of Mr. Zuckerberg's favorite weekend pastimes.

Popular Science - New York Launches Public School Curriculum Based on Playing Games
- Catan is included in this curriculum!

G4 TV Blog - Settlers of Catan Is The Main Reason To Buy A Microsoft Surface

Wired Geekdad Blog - Playing Game at PAX part 2
- Catan for MS Surface and Settlers of America: Trails to Rails™ coverage.

Game Rant - PAX Interview: Vectorform Games Talks The Settlers of Catan
- Interview with Vectorform's Kevin Foreman

Destructoid - PAX Interview with Vectorform, makers of Catan for MS Surface

Kotaku - Real People Play The Highest-Tech Catan Board Game You've Ever Seen

                                        Tutorials/Video Demos
New White Glove Demos!

ImageIn the past month we have completed an uploaded a number of White Glove Demos for many games in the Catan family of games. These videos are an excellent way to help teach new players how to play, as well as refresh your own knowledge of the rules.

Each video has been created by our friends at and narrated by Mayfair's main voice Alex Yeager! You can find these videos currently on Mayfair Games' Youtube Channel ( or by visiting our facebook page.

Here is a list, with links to each video, of the most recent White Glove Demos that might be of use to you or new players who are your friends. The list covers every game from the original base game to the 5-6 player extensions. We hope you enjoy and find these useful!

The Settlers of Catan™
Catan: Seafarers™
Catan: Cities & Knights™
Catan: Traders & Barbarians™ Part 1
Catan: Traders & Barbarians™ Part 2
Catan 5-6 Player Extensions (includes all four)

                                              Gaming Events
Our First Trip to PAX Prime - The Penny Arcade Expo!

Teams from Mayfair Games and Catan just recently visited PAX Prime, the Penny Arcade Expo, in Seattle, WA. This was our first year attending the show and we didn't expect our booth would be busy the entire show.

Our teams had a great time at PAX. Even though it was our first trip to the convention we came prepared with a host of exciting attractions for attendees. In our booth, we ran demos of Settlers of America: Trails to Rails™, we helped show-off Catan for the Microsoft Surface, and we gave away some awesome swag to attendees; including special Catan scenario maps, Catan Beanie Babies, and promotions for our Catan Online World.

In addition, we held a NACC qualifier tournament at PAX. The competition was tough with over 50 players. But in the end, one emerged victorious. A special congratulations goes out to Timothy Schelz(Henderson, NV), who won the PAX NACC pre-qualifier. Tim will be traveling to GenCon Indy to compete in the NACC finals in 2011. A nod goes out to the rest of the final table, who fought hard in the tournament as well, they are: Levi Beckman(9 pts), Kathryn Bray(8 pts), and Emily Early-Griffiths(7 pts). Last but not least, we must give a very big special thanks to all the employees of Uncle's Games(WA) who helped us run the tournament and our demo nights. We could not have managed all the show with out them!

Watch the video of the PAX Prime NACC 2011 final table here:

Worldwide Catan Championship and Essen!

We are very excited for the much anticipated Worldwide Catan Championship 2010, which will be returning to Germany this year to celebrate it's 10 year anniversary!
Players representing countries all over the world shall compete for the coveted title of Catan World Champion in a truly medieval atmosphere at picturesque Wildenstein Castle in Leibertingen, Germany.

The event will commence with a multinational welcome day, on Friday, September 17, 2010. On Saturday, the winners of the regional qualifying events from Europe, North America, Asia and the South Pacific will compete with the national qualifiers for a place in the finals. On Sunday while the finalists are struggling for the coveted title of World Champion, there will be a special event open to all other participants, including a hearty knights banquet among other things!

Essen Spiel 2010

We'd also like to announce that we will be returning to the largest game convention on the planet, Essen Spiel 2010, in late October. Essen Spiel is a four day gaming convention in Messe, Essen Germany that draws over 150,000 visitors each year. With 44,100 square meters of exhibition space, the convention is home to all kinds of games, ranging from family, adult, children and parlour games to strategy, mail, adventure, fantasy and science fiction games to video and computer games.

Essen Spiel will begin October 21st and end on the 23rd. if you will be at Essen Spiel this year please come visit us at the Kosmos-Verlag booth or at our US partners Mayfair Games' booth.

For more information on Essen Spiel, please visit the official convention website:

Board Game Cafe Snakes & Lattes Opens in Toronto!

We like to give a tip of our hat to to a brand new cafe that recently opened in Toronto called Snakes & Lattes. This new cafe is special because it is Toronto's first official "board game cafe." The brainchild of Ben Castanie, Snakes & Lattes will serve you coffee but they won't provide free WiFi for your laptop.

In fact, Ben has made a point of not welcoming laptops, saying "I just don't want people sitting staring at their screens." Instead, patrons of the cafe are encouraged to interact and they can access any of the games in the cafe's large collection for a daily $5 fee.

You can read more about Snakes & Lattes at the link below. We'd love to see more cafes that celebrate boardgames, so let us know if you already have one!

The Torontoist: New Board Game Café Welcomes You, But Not Your Laptop

NACC Events Updates!

NACC 2011 We have even more pre-qualifier tournaments upcoming for our 2011 North American Catan Championship program. Below is a current listing of upcoming NACC events.

Be looking for announcements on more NACC Qualifiers in the coming months and visit our website ( or facebook page for more information on NACC tournaments.

Find us on Facebook
NACC 2011 Events:

All the Kings Men: October 9
Pitman, NJ, USA
NACC Pre-Qualifier Event 1
For details please visit:

CharCon: October 22
Charleston, WV, USA
NACC Pre-Qualifier Event
For details please visit:

All the Kings Men: November 20
Pitman, NJ, USA
NACC Pre-Qualifier Event 2
For details please visit:

WolfCon: November 26-28
Chicago, IL, USA
NACC Pre-Qualifier
For details please visit:

Game Summit Canada: February 18-20 
Nepean, ON, Canada
NACC Pre-Qualifier Canada
For details please visit:

Total Confusion: February 24-27
Mansfield, MA., USA
NACC Pre-Qualifier
For details please visit:

Until next month...
Thank you for reading the Catan News Wire. We appreciate your readership!


The Catan Team