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March 2008
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Settlers on a Roll!
The Catan Dice Game Is a Refreshing and New Way to Experience Catan!

Roll, Play, and Settle! Mayfair Games is excited to announce the upcoming release of the all new way to experience the world of Catan, the Catan Dice Game! Complete with six colorful resource dice, the dice game version of The Settlers of Catan also involves building settlements, roads, cities, and knights. But, you won't be placing any pieces made of wood or plastic on the map. Instead, each player will record these actions on the provided paper sheets which depict a map of the island. To produce resources players roll the resource dice, which have six resources, one on each side of the die, including gold as well!

The Catan Dice Game is a great way to experience Catan quickly or on-the-go. The game is small and portable so it can be taken with you practically anywhere. It is also a great game to pass the time in between games of the Catan board and card games. The Catan Dice Game can also be played all by yourself, in case you want to experience Catan even when no opponent is present! Most importantly, the Catan Dice Game is a fun and new way to experience The Settlers of Catan.

If you would like to learn more about the Catan Dice Game please check out There, you will find a free online version of this game including an introductory tutorial. In addition to playing the Catan Dice Game online, you can also win cool prizes, and play many more free games and join the Catan Online World!

Coming soon: The Catan Dice Game will be available in stores on May 8th!

Guido and Gavin on Pulp Gamer!
New Interview on Pulp Gamer's Inside Track!

The latest installment of Pulp Gamer's Inside Track features an in-depth interview with our own Guido Teuber and Gavin Allister of Catan LLC about the latest addition to the world of Catan, It was a pleasure for our friends at Pulp Gamer to give us the opportunity to elaborate on the newest way to experience many of Klaus Teuber's games online.

If you have been hearing about or you didn't even know it existed, please check out Inside Track 40. It is a great way to learn about what to expect to find on, especially since it comes straight from the source.

Here's what our friends at Pulp Gamer had to say: "We have been looking forward to talking to Guido Teuber and Gavin Allister of Catan, LLC. We have been enjoying a variety of games at PlayCatan for a while now and now have the chance to let Guido and Gavin share them with you. We even have some links to share with you to download the Catan Online beta clients so you can start playing today."

Also, if you are interested in learning more about the new Catan Dice Game or even giving it a try online before the game is released, check out Pulp Gamer's Out of Character 43: Rolling for Resources.

We Like Compatibility Because We Know You Do!
Play the 4th Edition of Catan with Your 3rd Edition Set!

We want to help you adapt! We like to offer our customers all the latest possibilities in product compatibility. That being said, we are excited to announce that Mayfair Games will be offering customers, who still own the Catan 3rd Edition games, The Settlers of Catan Pre-2007 Adapter Kit. The 4th edition of The Settlers of Catan® (Settlers-2007)provides an outer frame that encloses the 19 hexes that make up the island of Catan. This adapter kit provides that frame, the frame extension pieces for the 5-6 player extension, and the harbor pieces that allow you to vary the harbor locations from game to game.

This adapter kit also allows you to use the Catan: Seafarers 4th edition with 3rd or pre-2007 editions of Settlers, MFG0483. This adapter kit will be made available to customers mid-March 2008. Look for more info coming soon!

Come Join the World Village!
The Newest Place to Meet on!

The Catan team is happy to announce the official declaration of the World Village in the Catan Online World. This is the central hub for all new players to the English PlayCatan offering. The World Village is also the place where all new members of the COW will start out.

It doesn't end at the World Village though, soon players will be able to branch off and found their own cities. Founding a new city means you get to improve it and even manage your own website about the city, which the Catan team will host for you. Content and control of the city website is left up to the founders.

If you haven't been to please give it a look. It is the most rapidly growing community in the world of Catan.


The Catan Team
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