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Shower Season


It's "shower" season, not April showers but Bridal showers. Here are some tips that can make any shower picture perfect.


Traditionally a bridal shower is hosted by the Maid or Matron of honor. However a bride may have more than one shower depending on the number of family, friends and work associates she has.


Create a guest list: This is a conversation you'll need to have with the bride to decide who should be included on the guest list and who else (such as her mother or soon to be mother-in-law) should be consulted.


Choose a theme for the shower: This helps with the planning of the decorations, invitations, favors and gifts. Some of the ideas could be a personal shower (which would include lingerie), household or kitchen shower, wine shower, Honeymoon shower ... you get the idea.


Choose a location: Most showers are held in some ones home which gives the shower an intimate feel. You can also choose a restaurant or we host many baby and bridal showers at Tennessee Gardens.   Our Garden makes for a perfect setting and we can take care of all or some of the details for you.


Select the shower date: This should be approximately six weeks to eight weeks before the wedding. A Sunday afternoon is often a popular time.


Choosing and Sending Invitations: Even though email is very popular these days we still suggest that you send an invitation in the mail. Invitations should include information about the shower as well as where the bride is registered. An RSVP option is also very important. You will most likely have to follow up by telephone two weeks before the shower however.


Plan a menu: Luncheons are often popular. It can be something fancy like a sit down plated lunch (see below for a great salad idea) or simple like finger sandwiches. It's nice to have a cake (click here to see some of our special shower cakes); you can also do cupcakes or miniature desserts.


Choose a favor and games: There are many places online that you can find great shower gifts that fit your theme. You can also get advice from our friends at Party Plus. Games should be something that focuses around the bride.


Blooming Endive Salad

Makes any chopped salad look spectacular
Create your favorite chopped salad, Examples: Chinese Chicken, Shrimp, Marinated Vegetable Etc.

Take 5-6 large Belgian Endive Stocks and peel off each spear. Using the largest ones first fill each spear with salad and place in a ring on round platter.
Continue to fill spears over lapping them while spiraling them around the platter. The smallest one should also be filled and placed almost upright in the center creating a Beautiful Flower Salad.


You can make one large one for the whole table or individual ones for each guest. Belgian Endive comes in two colors; Purple and Yellow.  Choose the one that most accents your salad or mix them together.


Have Fun



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