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Did Christmas or New Years bring with it an Engagement Ring?


Congratulations. Along with all the excitement comes all the planning. How do you plan your lovely, dream wedding?


We're doing a series of articles that will help you with all the due diligence that a bride (and groom) need to do for the "big day". Let's start at the beginning - the coordination and planning of the whole event.


You have options: hire a wedding coordinator that will handle everything from start to finish, get a coordinator to handle certain aspects of the wedding (i.e. day of the wedding), or coordinate it all yourself.  Here at Tennessee Gardens we feel that a "day of" coordinator is so important we include that in our packages. But whatever you chose, we like to offer some tips.


1)      Some say the dress is the most important thing. I say a timeline is the most important. Creating a timeline will do wonders for your comfort level. It provides you dates that things should be completed by and keeps you from panicking. There are several examples of timelines available online, check them out.


2)      Then be honest with yourself. Can you keep to this timeline? Do you need someone to help you stay on task? The goal is to get to your wedding day with as little stress as possible.


3)      If you decide to use a wedding coordinator, it's important that pick someone with whom you are comfortable to freely express yourself. They also need to embrace your vision of your wedding and make it happen. Bridal shows are a great place to interview coordinators in a casual setting.


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Award Winning Recipe of the Month: 
Stuffed Chocolate Strawberries


1) A basket of plump red strawberries (wash and pat dry gently)
2) Remove stem and hollow out center
3) Melt 8 ounces of dark chocolate, add 1/4 cup heavy cream, mix well
4) Put chocolate mixture into pastry bag, fill strawberries to brim
5) With leaf tip attached to pastry bag, add chocolate leaves to each strawberry
Arrange berries on red or gold doily and present to your favorite valentine.

 A nice twist to a classic dessert!



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"I'm so excited to write this message - My family has been customers of yours as far back as I can remember, and since I drive by your bakery daily on my way to work, so I'm constantly reminded of your delicious creations - I've been waiting years to find out more information (officially) about your wedding cakes, and now that I'm engaged, I finally can!" Stephanie G.