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How to Create a Seating Chart



Most people play it safe by putting common family members and friends together. This holiday season try mixing things up. You will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.


Having a company Christmas party? Here are some ideas. Seat your staff members with other coworkers that they do not have daily contact with. It's a great way for your employees to meet and get to know each other and their spouses. Sometimes these new bonds have a great impact on your work place and employees have better appreciation for one another.


Planning a wedding? Try mixing Family and Friends. Weddings are not only the uniting of two people but also the uniting of two families and their friends. Keep age groups together, families with small children together, while grouping the tables with half of the bride's guests and half of the groom's guests. It's a great way to really help the two families to bond.


Once you have decided who is sitting with whom it is time to create a seating chart. This lets your guests know where they can find their seat. It can be as simple as a typed page labeled with table numbers and a list of names. Then number each table.


You can also mark each place setting; here are some ideas how to do that.

On each table place colored cardboard with the table number on it or you can incorporate your event theme. Or get even more creative.

For example, this Thanksgiving, try baking oversized sugar cookies in the shape of turkeys or fall leaves. Then place your guests names and table numbers on them, (your favorite Bakery can also make the cookies for you). Place them on your pretty holiday platter and you have your seating chart.

For a Christmas dinner, use pretty holiday boxes or tins. Place the name and number on them then place under a small table top tree. What a fun way to find your table. You can even place a small gift inside.


Now sit back and enjoy watching how new friends are made.




TN Gardens 

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Tennessee Gardens has expanded its interior space. We can now seat 200 people inside, with a perfect view of the Garden.


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Recipe of the Month:
Apple Tart Titan
This Classic French Tart is the perfect finish to any autumn meal.


You will need:
cup Butter
1 cup Granulated Sugar
14 Apples - (Grannies are always nice)
 1 Sheet of Puff Pastry - Cut in a 10' circle     
 10" Cast Iron Skillet
 1- Large cookie sheet
Peel, Core & half all the apples ian the skillet melt the butter & sugar together. Continue to cook until the sugar is a nice golden color. Pan will be very hot so Carefully place apples tightly in a ring around pan & fill center with remaining apples. The Tighter the better. Turn off heat. And again carefully place pastry dough on top of apples folding the pastry down between apples & pan edge. Bake @ 350 for 45 min or until pastry is deep golden brown. Remove from oven & let stand for 5 min. Have a large cookie sheet pan on the counter, place a 10 plate over tart and once again Carefully flip tart over on to the plate letting the excess juices run onto the cookie sheet. Remember everything is very hot the pan & the juices.
Gather up the excess juices back into empty skillet & cook over medium heat until thick. Pour evenly over tart. Best served warm.
Giving Back
This was sent to me ('s An Air Force Unit that loved the brownies and blondies...will send you another pic when I get it.)


I received you package today. Thank you so much for the delicious treats. They come as a much needed "taste of home" in a place that is so
far away. 
Aaron L. Cooper, MSgt, USAF
Production Superintendent
Camp Bastion Airfield, Afghanistan

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