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Our Kickoff Luncheon With NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

South Florida's perfect weather in December: Check. A gathering of more than 500 of our closest friends at the Host Committee Kickoff Luncheon: check.

A Q&A with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: check plus.

With just two months to go before America's largest one-day sporting event, we hosted our kickoff luncheon to celebrate the coming of the 2010 Pro Bowl and Super Bowl XLIV to South Florida. Outside it was a perfect Monday. 78-degrees and sunny. Inside, it was a great time to chat about football to a packed house in the club level of Land Shark Stadium.

Some of those in attendance included Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross, Miami Dolphins CEO Mike Dee, Minority Owner of the Miami Dolphins Wayne Huizenga, Host Committee Chairman Rodney Barreto, Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Alvarez, as well as some former Dolphins and our friends from the NFL.

The event was emceed by former Miami Dolphin great Kim Bokamper and Telemundo news anchor Vanessa Hauc. They were a terrific team as they recapped all of our upcoming events leading up to the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl.

Commissioner Goodell sat with Kim and Vanessa as he answered audience questions about both the Super Bowl and the Pro Bowl.

Before departing, Mr. Goodell also addressed the media and then bid farewell. It marked the end of an exciting day. And the fun is just beginning.

For pictures from our event, check out our photo album by clicking here.

A Sign of the Times (Live!)

You've got to see this. Check out the latest and greatest in highway advertising with our digital billboard located on I-95 South and Hallandale Beach Boulevard. This type of billboard is bigger and better than ever. It alternates between our ads promoting the 2010 Pro Bowl and Super Bowl XLIV coming to South Florida. 

And not only that, we can change our message on a moment's notice. It's now live, 24/7, reaching hundreds of thousands of drivers in South Florida. Click here for live streaming video.
Dick Anderson Interview
Dick Anderson is a former member of the Miami Dolphins famed "No Name Defense." Dick won two Super Bowls with the Dolphins and was part of their 1972 undefeated team.

Dick was drafted by the Dolphins in 1968 out of the University of Colorado. In 1973, he was named the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year. He's also a three time Pro Bowler. Sadly, Dick's career came to an end in one of those Pro Bowls.

After his retirement, Dick became a successful businessman.

In 1993, he was enshrined inStadium-City the College Football Hall of Fame. In 2006, Dick was inducted into the Miami Dolphins Honor Roll.

In an interview with Director of Communications David Silverstein, Dick Anderson openly discusses his feelings about the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl returning to South Florida as well as his involvement with the Taste of the NFL. 

David Silverstein: What does it mean to you to be a member of the famed 1972 Dolphins?
Dick Anderson: I have a great deal of pride to say I was a member of the 1972 undefeated Miami Dolphins. They were all a marvelous group of players and coaches. All were superb. (Defensive Coordinator) Bill Arnsparger always put us in the right defense.
Stadium-CityThe funny thing was no one really thought about going undefeated. We just wanted to win the Super Bowl after being beat by Dallas the year before.
The undefeated season really didn't become meaningful until 1985, the year the Chicago Bears came to town undefeated and we beat them at the Orange Bowl.

Then it became important again in 1992 when the Redskins were 12-0 and they lost. That's when the yearly champagne toast started.
In 1998, the Denver Broncos were undefeated and were coming to town. It became a huge story that Marino and Elway were going to face off. It was so big in fact; the media all came to town 10 days before the game. But then the Broncos were beat by the Giants and the media all left town before that game.
We are the only team since 1920 to go undefeated for an entire season. That's almost 90 years. The older we get, the more meaningful it becomes.
DS: What is your favorite memory about the "No Name Defense?"
Dick Anderson: You've got to look at it from an individual and a team standpoint.

It's all about team. Every week a different guy would step up and make a play. All o
f the players contributed. The coach never really put us in a situation where we couldn't physically or mentally execute.

Today, the game is much more complicated. The kids have to think and not react. The game is all about reacting quickly and making a physical play. So when you ask about my favorite memory, it's the memory of our team, it was about all of us.
And don't forget we won the Super Bowl again the next year with only two defeats.
DS: Miami Herald Columnist Ed Pope told me the 1972 Undefeated Dolphins were all like a group of businessmen going to work each week. What do you think of that description?
Dick Anderson: I agree. That was the personality of our team. Bob Griese was intelligent and always well prepared. Yes, we had some characters on our team. But the prevalent attitude was we've got a job to do. Where do we get help and where do we give help? That's what I learned. We let it all happen in front of us.
And in '72, we only had 173 points scored against our defense that year. In 1973, it was only 150 points. We had a good solid defense. We had a couple of close games, and we always found a way to win. It started with Coach Shula and all the assistant coaches and it ran through the rest of our team.
DS: Tell us about your involvement with Super Bowl XLIV's Taste of the NFL program.
Dick Anderson: The Taste of the NFL started at the Super Bowl in Minnesota in 1992. Being that it was so cold outside, the NFL wanted to start an event that people could enjoy indoors. They invited chefs from each NFL city and they invited players t
Stadium-Cityo come and sign autographs. They also wanted to raise money to fight hunger. 17 years later, it's still going strong and it's a fantastic event. It's morphed into a phenomenal fund raising event in each Super Bowl city. It's really spectacular. I'm proud to be part of it as a member of the NFL Alumni. I've been to every Taste of the NFL at the last 17 Super Bowls, but I've gone to very few Super Bowl games.

DS: How do you feel about South Florida hosting its record-breaking 10th Super Bowl?
Super Bowl XLIV LogoDick Anderson: I think it's fantastic. I was Chairman of the 1989 Super Bowl Host Committee and what we learned is the Host Committee is responsible for making all the fans and media feel at home and comfortable when they come here for the Super Bowl. We also want to make it easier for the NFL to navigate when the game is in town.

As a community we do one heck of a job. (Current Host Committee Chairman) Rodney Barreto his entire team do a great job. And quite frankly, this is the best place in the United States to host a Super Bowl. We have the best weather and the most hotel rooms. You can go to other NFL cities for Super Bowls, but no place in America offers what we do. We are the most caring community with the best weather and nobody does a better job with all our venues. Plus it will never be cold and icy here in South Florida.
DS: How do you feel about the Pro Bowl leaving Hawaii to come to South Florida?
Dick Anderson: I think it makes a lot of sense to have it the week before the Super Bowl purely because most of the players don't want to play in it anyway.

I got clipped in 4th quarter of the Pro Bowl and it ended my career in January 1975. That game was played at the Orange Bowl, the last time it was here. Hawaii is a wonderful place, the players love it, and it's a vacation for them and their families. But they'll have a good time here. We'll do a good job. Having the Pro Bowl the week after the Super Bowl is anticlimactic.
DS: Do you have any advice for the players about how to enjoy everything surrounding the Pro Bowl?
Dick Anderson: Have a great time.