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2010 Pro Bowl & South Florida

Chances are you've never seen the Pro Bowl in person. That's because it's been played in Hawaii for the past 30 years. But now, you can see the NFL's best of the best play their All-Star Game right here in South Florida.

Tickets are now on sale nationwide for the 2010 Pro Bowl.

probowlticket icon

Click here to purchase tickets to see all of your favorite NFL stars at this year's Pro Bowl in South Florida.

The Pro Bowl will be played on January 31st, 2010 at Dolphin Stadium (also known as Land Shark Stadium) - the week before Super Bowl XLIV. All of the NFL's top athletes will be showcasing their talents right here in South Florida  and you can be a part of it all.

Speaking of the Pro Bowl and with tickets now on sale, Frank Supovitz, NFL Senior VP of Events, was all over the South Florida airwaves, appearing on several local radio stations to promote the 2010 Pro Bowl. Our media efforts to promote the game have been going on since the final whistle blew on Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa.

100 Days and Counting... Almost
Tick Tock!

We are quickly approaching the 100-day mark on our Super Bowl XLIV countdown clock. (The Pro Bowl is even closer!)

Next thing you know, February 7th will be here and the premiere sporting event of the year will be rocking all of South Florida.

Hosting the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl brings with it great responsibility. And our community is answering the call to Volunteer.

As you know, our goal is to sign up 6,000 to 8,000 volunteers. With that said, we have already registered more than 5,600 Ambassadors, including dozens last week at McCray's BBQ in Palm Beach County. To all our Volunteers, Thank You!
Volunteer Image

If you, or someone you know, are interested in being a part of our record-breaking 10th Super Bowl in South Florida, then contact the Volunteer Services Department for more information.

Just call the Ambassador Hotline at (305) 614-7564 or e-mail
* * *

The South Florida Super Bowl Host Committee Kickoff Luncheon is all set for December 7th, 2009 at Land Shark Stadium.

We're proud to have NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell as our keynote speaker.
The Commissioner will be addressing an enthusiastic crowd about the importance of both the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl in South Florida.

Tickets are now available for purchase.
Click here to purchase online.
Or contact Myra Berk at

Remember, tickets MUST be purchased in advance. No tickets sold at the door.

See you next month!