April 2008
In this issue:
  • New Pattern - Ruqia
  • Pattern Preview - Raffaela & Edie
  • Bramble Kits ~ Stanley & Hettie Preview
  • Intern Spotlight - Dana Marie
New Pattern - Ruqia Ruqia
My latest obsession is a love of the range of colors in Noro Yarns. To that end I came up with this new purse design.
This is made in 3 panels and requires minimal sewing.  The length of the straps is adjustable since they are tied at the ends with a double knot.
Simple design with dramatic results, and a perfectly sized over-the-shoulder purse! 
What's in a name? "Ruqia" (meaning rise, ascent in Arabic) reminds me of the French word "rocaille" meaning rock or pebble - and also Rococo. The ornateness of the pattern and the colors used here reminded me both of Rococo and of Agate stone. 
  • Requires 7-8 skeins Noro Kureyon
  • Suggested Needle Size 6mm, US 10
  • Finished Size  Approx. 18"wide at base, 14" wide at top, 11" tall
  • Required Skills: Knit, Purl
 Pattern Preview - Raffaela & Edie 
Raffaela PreviewEdie Preview
 Raffaela Shawl Collar Cardigan ------------- Edie Springtime Cardigan
Both patterns sized Petite to Extra Large
As shown here, Raffaela worked in Noro Silk Garden 249, Edie worked in Kureyon 95 and Kureyon Sock 95.
Patterns coming very soon!
Bramble Kits  Now Available

BramblesBramble is now available in kits!

Bramble can be worked up quickly in an evening or two, with simple, clear instructions to keep you on track. This project is worked entirely on DPNs, but only the body and "eyebrows" are worked in the round.
Or you can order your pattern here today.
Also coming soon: Hettie and Stanley!

Intern Spotlight - Dana Marie 

Dana and GraceFor the summer we have a very lovely intern called Dana visiting with us from The University of Akron, Ohio.

I thought I would let her introduce herself to you here, and I've also asked her to write a weekly "column" in the Knitwhits blog of her adventures and misadventures in the studio - Here's Dana! 

Former "Native Texan" who now resides in the Cleveland Ohio area, I am a girl on a mission.  Having only been here at the Knitwhits studio for 2 days, I already know I want to show everyone how inspiring design and fashion can be, and how much they shape our world.

I come from an amazing family and my new joy in life is my niece! Without them I would not be who I am today.  I came to the Bay Area last year for the first time and I knew then I had to come back and experience life in this fabulous location.  I will tell you all the in's and out's of how an idea starts and how your kit ends up at your door step.

Blog updates to come shortly - you can read the blog here

Happy Knitting!
Tina Whitmore