August 2007
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  • Did you know...?
  • Yarns @ Knitwhits 
  • Lucy Neatby DVDs
  • Our Favorite Stores
Did You Know...?
If the summer sun has kept you knitting outside, and you missed our last newsletter, you may not have seen our new website. We are (still!) very excited about it!
If it's been a while since you've stopped by, stop in and check it out - we think you'll like what you'll see!
Yarns @ Knitwhits Yarn In Bowl
Have you ever needed just a little bit of yarn to add some spice to a fair isle project? Have you had your eye on a Knitwhits kit, but there was that one other color that you would have preferred? (I know, not everyone actually likes dayglo orange...) - or maybe you wanted to create your own colorway of a project?
Well, we think we've come up with a good solution:
  • Knitwhits Mini-Skeins offer you the same high-quality yarns found in our kits but in individually wound center-pull balls. 
  • Mercerized Cotton, Worsted Weight Peruvian Wool for Felting, and Fingering Weight Merino are each available in 30 colors and in skeins ranging in size from 20 - 25 grams in weight.
  • Now you can get just the yarn you need, without adding oodles more yarn to your stash or investing all your lunch money from your pocketbook!

Knitwhits Mini-skeins are exclusively available on the Knitwhits site. Find out more by visiting our new Yarns section.

Neatby Knitting EssentialsLucy Neatby Moves In...                          
At the TNNA tradeshow in June I had the great pleasure of meeting famed designer and teacher Lucy Neatby. As we got to talking, apart from a love of color and knitting in common, we also found out that we had lived virtually next door to each other over 20 years ago when we both lived in England! She very sweetly gave me a copy of one of her educational DVDs to take home as a gift. Once I got home I popped it on, and wow, I was floored! Lucy has a wealth and breadth of knitting knowledge that is truly impressive.
The quality and clarity of the information make these DVDs a must-have. And we have 'em! There are currently 10 titles available, and we are carrying them all. For more detailed info on what is contained on each one, click on the links below:

We are offering these at the great price of $28.50 each, or buy several in a series and get a further discount.

With this email, we are offering a very special introductory discount on Knitting Essentials 1 & 2 - Get both for $50.00 (Plus $5.00 shipping and any applicable taxes) - this is an even greater discount from our standard series discount.

If you need more convincing, read the reviews in Knitty, and Knitter's Review.

Unique OneOur Favorite Stores 
Here are a few of our favorite stores that carry Knitwhits patterns and kits:

If they are in your area, stop in and tell them we sent you (and that we said "hi!")

Happy Knitting!
Tina Whitmore