Early Spring News From Playing With Yarn
I have been busy!
Although I don't think that I am getting much done, I suddenly sit down and look around and discover that I have managed to get more done than I thought. Case in point is this great little boy's sweater that I just finished in Dark Horse's Fantasy yarn. Fantasy is a acrylic/nylon blend and very soft. This sweater has gone through the washer and dryer and looks great and is a answer to a busy mother's prayers. The pattern is one from Dark Horse and is knit neck down with cables running down the center of the sleeve. I will be offering it as a class next month, A quick, easy and reasonably priced project!

A second finished project is this darling Hardanger Kit. The kit contains the delightful tin that holds the finished pin cushion and scissors - that also come with the kit, along with their protector. Of course the fabric and thread are included too. A good beginner's project and very useful for a beginning stitcher. although we don't carry separate supplies for Hardanger, we do carry some kits as we do for crewel Embroidery.

And I have added to my itty bitty baby's wardrobe and have finished a baby sweater for a new baby in the neighborhood. But of course, I have three , four or is it six other projects on needles, each taking it's turn in my hands.

You can see the new itty bitty baby projects pictures on either our web page or our FaceBook page.

Penny Straker Trunk Show
We are pleased to host a wonderful trunk show from Straker Classics. We have had the pleasure before of having one of Penny's trunk shows and are delighted to be able to have another one. It will be here until the 26th of April and I will be taking part of it with me to the MN Knitter's Guild's Yarn Over on the 17th. In 1964 Penny and her mother, Janice, started writing patterns for Penny's yarn store. In 1980 Penny began child's Jognnypublishing their patterns with a short break in the late 90's. Straker patterns have been proof knit in every size and they contain many useful knitting hints with every pattern. Penny's patterns are generic in that they do not specify a yarn brand or name. They are ageless and classic and the collection contains patterns for men, women, children and babies plus accessories. Many of the patterns, such as this Child's Johnny is available in both a children and an adult pattern. This particular one includes a hooded and a collared version in both the children and adult patterns. We carry ALL of Penny's patterns and we are only out of them between Penny's publishing runs. You can see all of the Straker Collection at Penny Straker 
Open Spinning
On Fridays we will be having an Open Spinning Time. starting around 3 P.M. to 5 P.M. - at least until we see what the participation for those hours looks like.
This is a program in process where people can bring their wheel and drop spindles and join us for a couple of hours of spinning. If you haven't a wheel, we usually have enough for someone to borrow one for the day. Carolyn will be here most, if not all, of the days and will be happy to offer spinning classes on an individual basis during this time - for a charge. Like Open Knitting, this is a drop in group.

The coming months look busy!
And we have a lot happening. In mid June I will go to our yarn market - TNNA - in Columbus, OH and see what the yarn companies have to offer us. In the end of June the Northern Lights Chapter of the MN Knitter's Guild will meet here for a dying session.

Dying is something that some of us have been talking about doing more often again. For a number of years we had a dying day every other week in the back yard. Because we have been so busy, we dropped doing it on a regular bases but now we miss it. So keep tuned as we are planning to have a few days during the coming months where we put the dye pots on and cook up some color. If you are interested, let me know.

Our Arrowhead Small Dog Agility club is hosting a TDAA trial here in Knife River towards the end of August. So if you are in the neighborhood and want to run your small dog or watch us run, you are certainly invited. The girls have their equipment up and are working on their weave poles.

And I have a list of knitting projects that I want to do and I really would like to get to my loom's bench and get some weaving done. So much to do and so little time!

We are also hoping to see you this summer! It looks like we will have a wonderful summer. I actually saw a Daffodil in our vet's yard today!

Keep those needles clicking and hooks bobbing - OH MY! I forgot, I also finished a crocheted Baby blanket this week, done in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Super Chunky.

Unraveling yours,
Judy, Bo and the Yorkie Girls, Emma, Lilly, Winnie and Jossie

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