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January 2010
Classes for January, February Plus the Start of March!
We have been busy with our calendars and trying to find room for all the classes that we want to do. The ideas out ran the calendar again but we have tried to put in what you have requested. Again if you see something that you like and the timing is not good for you, let us know. And if you and two of your friends want something that you don't see, we will work with you on a time that is good for you and is what you want.

We try to keep class costs low, knowing that you will also need to buy materials in addition. Also, it is helpful for the instructor and other class members if you come in before the class to pick out your materials. In some cases materials are pre-selected by the instructor and will be ready for you when the class starts.

We try to give you an idea on the skill level needed for the class. If you have questions, please call in advance and ask for more information. And if there is something that you are really, really interested in and don't see it on our schedule, tell us about it.


Basic Socks:
is looking to knit socks, it seems. So we are offering two sock classes, one on Saturday and one on Monday. You will learn all the 'mysteries' of sock knitting - one of the world's big myths is that there are mysteries to sock knitting. Socks are really easy and fun.
January 16 - Saturday 10 - 2 
January 25 - Monday 10 - 2
                               $20 plus materials

Short Row Multi-Directional Scarf

 Carolyn knit a scarf using Ann Norling's Short Row, Multi-directional Scarf Pattern last Fall and it became an instant hit. This pattern has the added benefit that it can be knit with any gauge yarn. Carolyn has agreed to teach a class using the pattern and each student can pick their own yarn.

January 21 - Thursday 10 - 2   $20 plus materials

Rigid Heddle Weaving
We have had a number of requests for a weaving class and this winter seems like a good time for weaving. I will be offering this two day class two times one with a separation between the two days and one on a weekend. The Rigid Heddle is a wonderful loom to get your feet wet on. It is easy to use, inexpensive to buy, doesn't take much room and you can do a number of different types of projects on it. We have a number of the looms here at the shop that can be used in the class but if you have one laying around waiting to be used, you can bring your own.

Class 1 - January 23rd Saturday and
February 13 Saturday - $35 a time plus materials
Class 2 - March 27 & 28 Saturday and Sunday $70 plus

Beginning Mittens - Beginners and up
Knit a pair of mittens like these in bulky weight wool. This is a great pattern for a beginning mitten knitter or a good new one for the experienced knitter. We offered this class before and we are offering it again because we have had so many requests for it. This winter is proving to be a good, old-fashion Minnesota winter and warm mittens are a must.

January 30 Saturday 10 - 2 $20 plus materials

Needle Tatting
Tatting is a lovely old fiber art. I have to admit that it took me years to learn to tatt with a shuttle but I learned to tatt with a needle very quickly. The tatting patterns are the same for a needle or a shuttle and the finished piece of lace looks the same no matter what tool that you use. This will be a two session class.
February 3 & 10 Wednesdays 10 - 1 $15 a session plus

abled Wristlettes
Carolyn will teach this class using Cabin Fever's Shirl's Mittens pattern. People have really learned to like the fingerless gloves and this is a great pattern for anyone who wants to learn a good thumb gusset or want to learn how to do cables. The pattern is written for multiple gauges so you can pick almost any yarn to do them in.
February 4 Thursday 10-2 $20 plus materials

Turtle Back Jackets
Carolyn and I have been very taken with these very easy jackets. So we are teaching this class together - so we can each make one. This are knit in one piece - no parts. If you can knit, you can make one. If you have been afraid of trying a sweater - this is the project for you.
February 6 Saturday 9 - 5 $40 plus
          Beginning Crochet
This is a class for either a brand new crocheter or someone who wants to increase their skills. We will work through a variety of crochet stitches while making a Sampler Scarf.  You will able to learn to read crochet language and learn how the stitches work. This is a two session class and we are offering it twice.
Session 1 - February 7 & 28 Sundays 9 - 12
Session 2 - February 11 & 25 Thursdays 10 - 2
$30 plus materials

Beginning Knitting
This is a basic learn to knit class. But since our local schools are closed, we are offering it for kids and adults. You can come if you don't have a kid to come with or a kid doesn't need an adult. But it is a good time for an adult and kid to learn together.
February 12 Friday 10 - 2 $20 plus materials

Crewel Embroidery
I love Crewel work and we carry a wonderful line of crewel kits
from Great Britain. I also have a number of the wonderful frames sold by the same company. I am offering a class using one of their wonderful kits, Early English Corn Flower. At present I have it as a two session class but it maybe expanded depending on how fast the class progresses.
February 17 & 24 Wednesdays 10 - 2 $30 plus materials. The kits are $40 and there will be a deposit for using the frames that can be put toward their purchase.

Knit A Hat That Kits
Carolyn is teaching a class that is good for the beginning knitter or for the knitter who wants to learn how to make a hat that will fit anyone that you want it for. You will How to take measurements and change designs so that you have just the right hat just the way that you want it.
February 18 Thursday 10 - 2 $20 plus materials

Learn To Spin!
Carolyn has taught this class many times and everyone who has taken it has left spinning. She starts you on a drop spindle, teaching you how the wool twists into yarn, then quickly moves you on to a wheel. We have a number of wheels available for students to use in class or you can bring your own. WE DO NEED YOU TO REGISTER EARLY IF YOU NEED A WHEEL. I love to tell people that the Swedish word for spinning is the same word as for a cat purring. Spinning is a feel good activity!
February 27 Saturday 9 - 3 $30 plus materials


Needle Tatting
I did finally learn how to tatt with a shuttle and I would love to teach you what I have learned. I had to learn because I owned too many shuttles not to use them. So if you are like me and love the look and feel of a shuttle but have just not managed to make one work, this is the class for you.
March 3 & 10 Wednesdays 10 - 1 $30 plus materials

Crochet Slip Stitch Hat
Have you, as a crocheter, ever wanted to make a hat that looks like
and fits like a ribbed knit hat? Well, you can. By using all slip stitches and a short row technique you will have a wonderfully fitting hat that looks and fits exactly like a knit ribbed hat. It is easy and fun.
March 6 Saturday 10 - 2 $20 plus materials

More March classes coming later!

   It is late in the day and my program doesn't want to change fonts. It must be tired. It seems like everything takes longer to do in the winter. But I am coming to the end of this newsletter. I smell my soup cooking and the Yorkies are getting restless, it is their dinner time too.

My legs are tired, the girls and I had an agility workshop last weekend. Some folks whimped out and didn't come. That meant more runs for those of us who did come but I was running two dogs in each class. We learned a lot and got in plenty of practice! Practice is so necessary when learning something new. It doesn't make any difference if it is playing a musical instrument, learning a new dance, learning a new language or learning a new knit or crochet stitch. Taking a class gives us a chance to not only learn a new skill but it forces us to practice it. Sometimes we forget that when we are trying to decide whether to take a class or not. But that is part of the value of taking classes.

Stay warm, unraveling yours,

Judy, Bo and the Yorkies, Emma, Lilly, Winnie and Jossie
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