Dear Landscape Professional,

Thanks to you and other valued clients, Landscaper Marketing has enjoyed a year of exciting projects and brag-worthy results. As a New Year begins, we'd like to wish you and yours a wonderful 2012!


Landscaper Marketing has had a monumental year, surpassing significant landmarks and continuing to set the bar higher in the landscape advertising industry. Please join us in the celebration of our brand spankin’ new Landscaper Marketing website. As we continue to expand in size, services and expertise, it only made sense to give the Landscaper Marketing website a facelift to reflect these changes! Visit our site today to learn more about our full-service approach to strategic marketing and advertising, as well as our new portfolio pieces and inspiring testimonials. We continue to grow and stay at the forefront of our competition—so we can do the same for you.


As the marketplace stabilizes and consumer behavioral trends continue to shift, clients are hoping to position themselves and their brands to achieve even greater success after full economic recovery. To meet this need, Landscaper Marketing is pleased to offer clients a 360° advertising strategy and implementation that paves the road for greater ROIs and profits. So what does this mean for you--and how is this accomplished?

Using tactical, creative solutions that leverage the most effective and appropriate media channels, we develop 6- and 12-month advertising campaigns that align with our clients' budgets and business objectives. These comprehensive advertising campaigns aren't created overnight, but rather after many late nights at the office--and an unlimited supply of coffee. We fully immerse ourselves in your brand, dedicating our time to developing and implementing the campaign that helps YOU to succeed. After all, Landscaper Marketing is only as successful as you are!

The process detailed above is the foundation of our successful advertising campaigns. Best of all, it's fully customizable to the landscape industry and company—since we recognize that no two clients are alike.

Don't take our word for it. The proof is in the pudding. We've already helped many of our green industry clients enjoy growth, even in a challenging economy. That's real success for landscapers, and that's what we do every day at Landscaper Marketing.


Now is the perfect time to revamp your advertising and marketing plan—so you’re ready for the spring. If you're a landscaper with big dreams, give us a ring. We're the industry experts: advancing your business with one-stop marketing and advertising solutions. Contact us today to discuss your 360° advertising strategy and implementation—or to inquire about reinventing your branding and elevating your image to state-of-the-art.   

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