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Albergo Allegria is Officially 30 Years Old on September 28, 2012! We are beside ourselves with excitement, throwing a huge party, and inviting everyone. Just click the Registration link below.
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Did you hear? Albergo Allegria is turning 30!
It's Albergo Allegria's BIRTHDAY 
Albergo Allergia owners, Vito and Lenore Radelich, purchased the deed to a two-acre parcel of land hosting four "Clean & comfortble, but nothing fancy" motel units, and "One sadly neglected, dilapidated boarding cottage." The date was September 28, 1982.

Lenore clearly remembers looking out across that property for six years while at her desk managing the office work of their La Griglia Ristorante. The restaurant and the inn were part of the old Osborn House, a Catskill Mountain resort complex that swelled to a 300 guest capacity in the height of its season. 

In 1976, they purchased the Osborn House Grill, renaming it La Griglia (Italian for 'The Grill') and opened a 175 seat Northern Italian restaurant. They were an instant success between Vito's perfect taste and passion for cooking, and Lenore's eagle-eye for detail and highly attentive customer service.

My parents were hospitality legends. Lenore thought, "Wouldn't it be nice to run an inn?" Vito checked out the roof and foundation of the buildings and gave the vision a thumbs up. Initially, Albergo Allegria just operated those four motel units, while plans and renovations were underway on the George F. Barber designed, circa.1892 cottage.
For $2,000, Vito and Lenore purchased a second cottage in the same condition that was marked for demolition. Airplane wheels on a three-point-pivot were secured under the large home which stood near the current NBT Bank next door. With dishes in their cupboards, the house was wheeled over a freshly excavated foundation. The buildings were joined in the middle and lovingly named Albergo Allegria, Italian for the Inn of Happiness. 
Full renovations took two years and the charming Bed & Breakfast Inn welcomed guests into its historic walls in 1985. 
Thousands have enjoyed the classic gift of hospitality that Vito and Lenore have offered since arriving to the mountain top. Between the restaurant and the inn, special events and fundraisers many know the flavor and hospitality of Lenore and Vito. Paired with daughter and son-in-law, Marianna and Leslie, WE INVITE YOU JOIN IN CELEBRATION WITH US for this milestone event!
Scholarship & Cupcakes

Mocha Stout Cupcake
Mini Mocha Cupcake with Bacon & Ganache
How often do you hear "former Marine and cupcake man" in the same sentence? I had the privilege to meet Chad, owner of 4 & 20 Bakers, the first Veteran Owned bakery and delivery service in the Capital District. Let me tell you, his mini cupcake creations are amazing!
Chad has a strong belief in local community and his "Pay it Forward" convictions guide him in assisting where able. I spoke with Chad regarding some ideas for our 30th BIRTHDAY Party. Of course, I could just pick and purchase 4 & 20 Bakers amazing mini cupcakes. But our celebration on September, 8th is more than that!
In the spirit of creativity and vision that Vito and Lenore exercised in creating Albergo Allegira, we will be launching our Young Entrepreneur's Scholarship available for a qualifying 2013 graduate. 
In recognition of this new venture, 4 & 20 Bakers will partner with Albergo Allegria. Two amazing young ladies in our area currently offer cupcakes to family and friends for donations to their college fund. The girls will "shadow" Chad in the Albergo Allegria kitchen to create Mini Cupcakes of Happiness that will be featured at the 30th BITRTHDAY Party. 
These students will have the opportunity to learn from this "former Marine turned cupcake man" as they execute ideas from scratch to frosted finish.

4 & 20 Bakers had an interesting start up. Chad  had a really cool job as a Department of Defense contractor helping his military brothers, sisters and their families prepare for and endure cycles of deployment to places like Iraq and Afghanistan. 


His contract ended and he was given a little over a week's notice that his job was eliminated. That same week he lost his mom.

Chad recalls, "Somewhere between Shock and Denial and Acceptance and Hope, my inner- Marine kicked back in and I changed my perspective to, "I can do anything I want to do!" Looking back at my resume to where my interests have led me, I noticed three things; food, fitness and people.
I began researching organic farming and ways to have more fun with food, such as using molecular gastronomy, gluten-free cooking, vegan diets and sugar free baking."

"Instead of bringing a dish to family and friends parties and gatherings", Chad continues, "I brought several dishes. Soon, friends started asking me to cater their events and everything changed. Last summer I catered a wedding. I provided a savory menu for four days of meals from breakfasts to desserts for the wedding party. I was hooked."

He began sharing family recipes handed down to him with close friends. The focus soon shifted to desserts and cupcakes and 4 & 20 Bakers was born; currently in 5 sites and in 2 cities! Between baking, he is working on a plan to ship them nationwide.  You can check out 4&20 Bakers website on their platform.  
Looking forward to your Registration and Participation in Albergo Allegria's 30th BIRTHDAY Open House Party! 

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Warmest regards,
Marianna Radelich Leman
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