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  Weddings shouldn't be a personal affair, argues this month's Sounding Board, but an event for the entire parish. And couples who want to get married in the church should consider doing it at Sunday Mass. What do you think?


July 2012
July 2012


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Weekly Bulletin
June 19, 2012
Bad word?

In the past few years, social justice has been getting a bad name, thanks to pundits and political operatives. But while badmouthing is one thing, treating the political rhetoric as if it were gospel is another. So why, with justice rooted firmly in the church's social teaching, are some Catholics eager to discount--and even tarnish--its good name?

In our July issue, Kristen Hannum investigates what's behind the issue (while also looking at the history of Catholic social teaching). The editors interview Catholic University professor Stephen Schneck about the place of faith in the political arena. And Editorial Assistant Elizabeth Lefebvre profiles those on the path to stable housing through a ministry of justice that helps those experiencing homeless gain sure footing in the world.

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Life: My friend the abuser

Without ignoring the abuses of a former mentor, Bryan Cones wonders how to remember his late friend for more than his sinfulness. 

Church: We can do better

The 2002 Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People was a blueprint for restoring trust in the church, says Nicholas Cafardi, a member of the first National Review Board. Unfortunately, a few bishops are still ignoring the plans.    


Culture: What's tarnishing the good name of social justice?
Working for the common good is getting a bad reputation among some Catholics, creating a new divide over an age-old church teaching, reports Kristen Hannum. blogs


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The Examined Life: Et tu, Brute? Unions take two more hits--this time from Catholic institutions

What a shame to see unions being attacked by Catholic institutions, supposed champions of the rights of workers to organize


The Examined Life: Are you [dot]Catholic or not Catholic?

In a very expensive, and from my perspective, mistaken, move, the Vatican secured a top-level domain and will now have the ability and authority to dole out [dot]catholic sites to those they deem worthy and can pay for that privilege.

The Examined Life: CHA switches sides on the HHS contraception controversy--now what?
The Associated Press is reporting that the Catholic Health Association, which has been oddly silent in recent months about the uproar over contraception coverage under the Affordable Care Act, has now changed its tune on the Obama administration's proposed accommodation for church affiliated employers not covered by the law's religious exemptions.

The Examined Life: Cardinal Dolan pats bishops on back for "good work" on sex abuse   

After listening to an address by the current chair of the National Lay Review Board, Al J. Norton, exhorting the bishops to stick to the requirements imposed by the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, Dolan thanked him for "challenging us to keep up the good work." I'm sure Dolan was thinking of the excellent examples of Justin Rigali, Francis George, and Robert Finn, among others, sitting in the assembly before him.

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