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  Weddings shouldn't be a personal affair, argues this month's Sounding Board, but an event for the entire parish. And couples who want to get married in the church should consider doing it at Sunday Mass. What do you think?


June 2012
June 2012


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Weekly Bulletin
June 12, 2012
The Sacrifice of Isaac

Father knows best?

Abraham is one of the most well-known--and well-revered--fathers of the Bible. But, as scripture columnist Alice Camille points out, his treatment of his two most famous sons, Isaac and Ishmael, should be some cause for concern regarding Abraham's parenting skills. Abandoning one in the desert (along with the boy's mother) and nearly sacrificing the other, this father of many nations would be arrested and criticized for child abuse by today's standards.

To understand Abraham and his actions, read more about other biblical dads behaving badly in a two-part series on Father Abraham. Then leave a comment on how you've come to read these scripture stories.
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Life: Real men pray

Sister Yolanda Tarango, C.C.V.I. says one of the best places for children to learn about their faith is at their father's bended knee. 

Church: Needs improvement

Over the past 10 years the church has come a long way in cleaning up its act, say U.S. Catholic readers. But it's still too early to declare the sex abuse crisis over.    


Culture: Humanity professor
Our greatest teachers are not necessarily those we judge the most "successful," says L'Arche community founder Jean Vanier. He explains what he has learned from his community members with developmental disabilities. blogs


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Margin Notes: Will partisan politics be the end of the church? 

American bishops have been visible in the media the last few months with the Affordable Care Act contraception controversy, the appointment of an archbishop to oversee the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, and the investigation of the Girl Scouts. As we approach the proposed "Fortnight For Freedom," it's becoming apparent that the bishops are not speaking universally for their flock.

The Examined Life: Good-bye John Carr. Good-bye social justice at USCCB?
I was wondering when this was going to happen: John Carr, for decades the U.S. bishops' lay point-man on social justice, has announced his resignation.

The Examined Life: Forget frustration and the "fortnight": I'm going on a road trip with the nuns   

Jim Martin's "A Prayer for Frustrated Catholics" is making the rounds today online, and it is indeed full of hope and wisdom for what many of us are finding to be a trying time in the U.S. Catholic church and in the church as a whole.

The Examined Life:
Spending spree: Is the Catholic Church using its resources wisely?

At a time when most Americans are cutting back on their spending, the Catholic Church has been shelling out quite a bit of cash lately.


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