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  Requiring parents to pass the test of being "sufficiently Catholic" to enroll their kids in our schools fails to follow one of Christ's most important teachings, writes Father Bill Tkachuk. What do you think?


June 2012
June 2012


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Weekly Bulletin
May 29, 2012
In the service Military service

This weekend, along with the inaugural cookouts, baseball games, and trips to the beach that herald the beginning of the summer season, we also celebrated our country's fallen, those who died in service to the American ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

A few years ago, U.S. Catholic profiled Catholic priests who serve the service as military chaplains. While some see no conflict between being an officer and a cleric, others argue that men of the cloth shouldn't be wearing camouflage.

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Obama Life: Take a closer look      

How should you read the Bible? The monastic way: slow and steady, says Sister Sheryl Chen, O.C.S.O.   

Take it to the board

The diocesan review board is one of the most important reforms of the sex abuse crisis, but its ability to keep predators out of priestly ministry depends on the prelate in charge.   


Culture: In the service
With two wars in progress, there is a significant shortage of Catholic chaplains in the U.S. armed forces. John Lasker reports on both those who follow and those who question the military's marching orders. blogs


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Margin Notes: How are we holding high the torch today? 

Recently, we've been arguing about our budget priorities amid a monstrous national deficit. At the center of debate lies a question about funding for our military. To me, the best way that we can hold the torch high is by striving for policies and trying to live lifestyles that limit war, death, and destruction.

The Examined Life: Locked and loaded? The Knights of Columbus v. HHS
The Knights of Columbus are taking it up a notch with their May issue of Columbia magazine, which prominently features a mounted cowboy-looking guy holding a rifle and wearing a crucifix around his neck.

The Examined Life: HHS is "raping" the First Amendment?   

Rape is violent. It's an expression of power over someone who, in that situation, does not have it. It's usually sexual, and it leaves the victim depleted and diminished.

Does that sound like what HHS is doing to the First Amendment?


The Examined Life: Can you agree on contraception, but disagree on "religious liberty"?  

You might not agree with the bishops' interpretation of the law in this case, but that doesn't necessarily mean you reject the teaching of the church on contraception.

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Read: Mothers of the Church    

By Mike Aquilina & Christopher Bailey (OSV, 2012)

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