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  Requiring parents to pass the test of being "sufficiently Catholic" to enroll their kids in our schools fails to follow one of Christ's most important teachings, writes Father Bill Tkachuk. What do you think?


June 2012
June 2012


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Weekly Bulletin
May 22, 2012
June 2012
June 2012
Crisis averted?

The clerical sexual abuse of children and the attempts to cover it up have enraged American Catholics and contributed to the disillusionment of many more.

Our special report on the the sex abuse crisis a decade after the Boston Globe broke the story asks whether the crisis is a thing of the past or if we've still got miles to go. With lay review boards, preventive measures, and reporting practices required by all dioceses--and a generally more aware church--you'd think the mess is cleaned up. But readers say non-compliant bishops and a still-pervasive clerical culture are preventing the church from moving forward.

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Life: Om schooled      

What's the connection between Hindu yoga and Christian prayer? It's all in the way you stand, writes M.M. Hubele. Or sit. Or kneel. Or lie down. 

Church-state relations in Cuba: A brief history

Long isolated by a hostile government, the Catholic Church in Cuba is helping to bring about a new way of life on the island. Araceli Cantero reports on the history of this tenuous relationship.   


Culture: Under the influence
In entertainment, it's what goes on behind the scenes that matters most. The same is true for politics, writes Kevin Clarke, but unlike with TV and theater, we ought to be able to see just who's pulling the strings. blogs


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The Examined Life: The Catholic anti-Obama election year roll-out continues? 

Back in the heady days of 2010 and the health-care reform debate, I wondered if there was a "Monday morning conference call" during which Catholic GOP activists got together to work out how to scuttle any reform deal.

The Examined Life: Selective outrage over Catholic university commencement speakers
Hardly a day has gone by in recent weeks without someone being upset about who is speaking at Catholic university graduation events.

The Examined Life: Steubenville drops student health plan: Conscience or controversy?  

With much fanfare, including an appearance on Fox News' On the Record, Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio, has decided to discontinue its student health plan, which covered just under 200 of its 2,500 students.


The Examined Life: Can you be sued for criticizing the church?  

The pastor of Beaverton Grace Bible Church in Beaverton, Oregon is suing a former member of his congregation for defamation. Julie Anne Smith, a mother of seven, is being hit with a $500,000 lawsuit because she started a blog that is critical of her former church.

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