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  Requiring parents to pass the test of being "sufficiently Catholic" to enroll their kids in our schools fails to follow one of Christ's most important teachings, writes Father Bill Tkachuk. What do you think?


May 2012
May 2012


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Weekly Bulletin
May 8, 2012
catholic school
White House photo by Paul Morse.
Entrance exam

School may be out (or nearly out) for the summer, but some parents are already thinking about the start of next school year.


Parents in same-sex relationships have found that getting their kids a Catholic education is a contentious issue. But Father Bill Tkachuk, pastor of a Catholic elementary school, says that's exactly the opposite of what should be happening and it reveals a failure to follow one of Christ's most important teachings.  


Read what Father Bill has to say and take the survey that follows. We look forward to hearing whether you think parents should pass an entrance exam in order to enroll their children in Catholic school.  


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Life: Look who's talking     

Communication is the key to all relationships--especially one with God. Bryan Cones reflects on the long tradition of conversations with the creator. 

Does the church have any "mothers"?

We're familiar with the church "fathers," writes Michael Cameron, but despite deep and rich history of women leaders, why don't we hear about the "mothers"?  


Culture: This means war
The nation's penchant for armed conflict in the Middle East seems to be resurfacing, says Kevin Clarke. But the arguments for war with Iran are too reminiscent of the failed efforts in Iraq. blogs


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The Examined Life: Anthony J. O'Connell: My friend, my bishop, and an abuser 

I don't feel like I can let this week pass without acknowledging the death of my former bishop, Anthony J. O'Connell, formerly of the diocese of Knoxville, Tennessee--our first bishop--who then moved to West Palm Beach, Florida, where his past caught up with him.

The Examined Life: The bishops investigating the Girl Scouts: This is a joke, right?
After reading of the formal inquiry by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, according to the Associated Press, initiated by Kevin Rhoades, the bishop of Ft. Wayne-South Bend, Indiana, one might begin to wonder if we haven't finally tumbled down the rabbit hole.

Margin Notes: Will Democrats become the new pro-life party?  

We've heard many times, especially in recent years, that true Catholics can never support the Democratic Party for one simple reason: the party's pro-choice platform. But if some Democrats get their way, that platform could be changing.


Margin Notes: Does cutting public transit limit access to church?  

In Pittsburgh, according to U.S. Census data, 25 percent of households do not have a personal vehicle, and nearly 20 percent of workers use public transit to get to work. I wonder how many churchgoers use transit to get to church?

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