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  Requiring parents to pass the test of being "sufficiently Catholic" to enroll their kids in our schools fails to follow one of Christ's most important teachings, writes Father Bill Tkachuk.What do you think?


May 2012
May 2012


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Weekly Bulletin
May 8, 2012
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You're on, speaker

Spring is in the air, which means that it's graduation time for many high school and college students all across the country. For some at Catholic universities, it is also a time to scrutinize commencement speakers and make sure that everyone is "up to snuff" on Catholic policies.


Read a blog post from our own Liz Lefebvre, who, as a member of the University of Notre Dame's class of 2009, experienced the drama first hand surrounding controversial speakers at Catholic colleges as President Barack Obama addressed her and her classmates. Recent debates and critiques of commencement speakers at Ave Maria College, Gonzaga University, and Georgetown University call to mind her experience at Notre Dame and ultimately, the president's call for open hearts, open minds, and fair minded words. Read it and let us know what you think!



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Life: Mother without child     

Mother's Day can be downright miserable for women who have no children of their own, but Vinita Hampton Wright has discovered in her own life a broader understanding of motherhood. 

Will the center hold?

With what seems to be an increasingly narrow focus on the part of the bishops and a still-looming sex abuse crisis, Bryan Cones wonders if the church's once thick middle will begin to look like a doughnut hole. 


Culture: Under the influence
Just who is in control the country's laws and policies? Kevin Clarke peeks behind the curtain. blogs


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Margin Notes: Should we raise the minimum wage? In New York, Dolan thinks so

Last week in The Atlantic, Jordan Weissmann reminded us of a huge problem still facing America: the fact that pay for workers is falling.

The Examined Life: Are Catholic priests leading secret double lives?
For those hoping the debate about priestly celibacy would die down, think again. An Australian priest is pouring gasoline on the fire by claiming that many priests around the world have already cast off their vows to remain celibate.

Catholic Tastes: Women's issues: More than marriage and family  

In the church, we should speak to and about women without resorting to family and marriage. After all, these topics aren't relevant to just women. They're not even just a little more relevant to women, despite our tendency to pigeon-hole women's concerns into child-rearing, housekeeping, and childbearing.   

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By Timothy Matovina
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