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Temple Beautiful We shouldn't be so clothes-minded when it comes to preparing for church, argues Molly Jo Rose. What do you think?


May 2012
May 2012


Weekly Bulletin Archive 

Weekly Bulletin
May 1, 2012


Entered into evidence
All women religious, all the time        


By now, you've heard that the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith has issued its assessment of the Leadership Council of Women Religious in the United States, two years after its investigation into the largest organizing body of U.S. women religious.

While the LCWR has yet to officially respond to the assessment, plenty of commentators have expressed their support for the women as well as their criticisms for many of the out-of-context findings the assessment names.

To get up to speed on the issue, or for a refresher course, take a look at our special section on the investigation.You can also subscribe to the U.S. Catholic feed to have all the news, blog posts, and articles delivered right to your inbox, so you won't miss a thing. And after reading, join the conversation and tell us what you think in the comments section.




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Life: Entered into evidence     

More than 800 sisters took U.S Catholic's January 2010 survey on how they saw the Vatican investigation of U.S. women religious. Heather Grennan Gary compiled their views on the state of their state in life. 

What are annulments for?

The church has a pretty solid stance on divorce: it's not allowed. But it also understands that some marriages were simply not meant to be. 


Culture: Picturing the end
Artists have been imagining salvation and damnation for centuries, but the "outsider artists" of the exhibit HEAVEN+HELL offer a distinctly personal take on what awaits us on the other side. blogs


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Margin Notes: Can we really just "agree to disagree" on Catholic social teaching?

We've provided coverage of the back-and-forth exchanges between Paul Ryan and Catholic leaders over his budget proposal, and the drama isn't over quite yet.

The Examined Life: "Silencing" our way out of trouble: Shutting down reform by shutting up an Irish priest and American sisters
It's deja vu all over again: About 150 years ago the Vatican's first response to the "modern world" of democratic reform and theological renewal was to silence and shame any Catholic who spoke positively about either.


The Examined Life: Poll shows Catholics voters--by a slim margin--still leaning toward Obama  

Now that we know it will be Mitt Romney challenging Barack Obama for the presidency this November, get ready for endless analysis of voters' thoughts in the remaining six months before the election.

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Read: Grace Notes  

By Bryan Doyle (ACTA Publications, 2011)

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