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Temple Beautiful We shouldn't be so clothes-minded when it comes to preparing for church, argues Molly Jo Rose. What do you think?


May 2012
May 2012


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Weekly Bulletin
April 24, 2012
Sunday best
Their Sunday best

Fashion statement       


Clothes may make the man, as the saying goes, but does what you wear actually matter when you go to Mass? Catholic mom, writer, and casual dresser Molly Jo Rose says "no" in this month's Sounding Board. In fact, if you do dress to impress for church, it may even be downright distracting.

What do you think? Do you put on your Sunday best each week? Or are jeans and a clean shirt more your style? Read Rose's Sounding Board and take the survey that immediately follows.




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coast Life: Be quiet     

Eight days of silence is hard for a chatterbox, but sometimes it's better to let God do the talking. 

Putting Paul in his place

The apostle to the Gentiles may not be a modern man, but surprising things happen when we let Paul be a man of his time. 


Culture: Park it!
Ladies and gentlemen, stop your engines: Our addiction to the automobile is in need of an overhaul. blogs


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The Examined Life: Half-truths and innuendo about the Leadership Conference of Women Religious

This week's news stories about the "renewal" of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith are already taking at face value the claims of the CDF that the LCWR is somehow doctrinally deficient.

Margin Notes: One person's trash is another person's property: Thoughts on "enabling homelessness"
I was intrigued recently by an exchange of opinion articles in the L.A. Times debating a new city ordinance that allows people experiencing homelessness to keep their possessions on sidewalks.


The Examined Life: Non-discrimination policies aren't a threat to Catholic groups  

We first wrote nearly three months ago about a controversy on the campus of Vanderbilt University, where Catholics students balked at signing a university non-discrimination policy that would certify their student organization does not exclude potential members or those seeking leadership positions for any reason, including religion.  


The Examined Life: Is there a double standard when it comes to disagreeing with the bishops?  

Criticism has abounded for Rep. Paul Ryan's budget proposal, with claims that it violates Catholic moral values and will slash funding to the most vulnerable while giving more breaks to the wealthy.



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Read: Grace Notes  

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