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Temple Beautiful We shouldn't be so clothes-minded when it comes to preparing for church, argues Molly Jo Rose. What do you think?


April 2012
April 2012


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Weekly Bulletin
April 17, 2012
The Resurrection

Little women      


Are little girls being forced to grow up too fast in today's culture? Or is the problem that women of all ages are primarily valued for their appearance and sexual desirability?  


Our May cover story, Little Women, explores how rampant consumerism translates into the marketing of sex and beauty to young girls before they even make it to high school.  


Read how Catholic parents are combating this pressure, and then share your ideas for how to let girls be girls by commenting on the story or emailing While you're at it, be sure to check out our entire May issue and let us know what you think. 



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Life: Little women     

Is your little girl looking too grown up? Meg McSherry Breslin reports on the the creeping sexuality of today's consumer culture that's making inroads at home. 

Do Catholics believe in life on other planets?

There's no hard evidence for alien lifeforms--yet. Kevin Considine explores what a message from outer space would mean for the faith. 


Culture: Tunnel vision
"Works well with others" should be how organizations partnering with Catholics to work for social justice describe the church. But, writes Bryan Cones, an overzealous concern for ideological purity is getting in the way. blogs


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The Examined Life: Should we have petition drives at Sunday Mass? Seattle and the same-sex marriage repeal referendum

With news that two more Seattle parishes are joining Seattle's St. James Cathedral in declining to collect signatures in support of a referendum to repeal same-sex marriage in Washington state, I'm wondering about the wisdom of politicizing Sunday Mass in this way.

The Examined Life: USCCB issues statement with multiple examples of how religious liberty is "under attack"
The USCCB's ad hoc committee on religious liberty issued a statement yesterday. It's worth reading in its entirety. Of note, the statement makes a point of including "concrete examples" of "religious liberty under attack" that are in addition to the HHS mandate.


Margin Notes: Connecticut becomes 17th state to (almost) abolish the death penalty  

Connecticut is officially on its way to becoming the 17th state to abolish the death penalty, and the fifth state in five years, as its House of Representatives voted 86-62 in favor of a bill overturning capital punishment.  


Margin Notes: Nebraska bishops' support of prenatal care bill highlights true meaning of being 'pro-life'  

A bill advanced today in the Nebraska state legislature that would restore taxpayer-funded assistance to pregnant women who cannot afford the high costs of prenatal care.



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Read: Ten Popes who Shook the World  

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