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Temple Beautiful We shouldn't be so clothes-minded when it comes to preparing for church, argues Molly Jo Rose. What do you think?


April 2012
April 2012


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Weekly Bulletin
April 10, 2012
The Resurrection

Christ is risen!    


No two Easters are exactly the same, they say. OK, so maybe "they" don't say that, but,as Alice Camille points out, "We may celebrate countless Easters in a lifetime, and still the person we present at each is hardly the same."


Our celebration of the resurrection of Christ is ever changing. The priest (and his preaching style) may be different from one year to the next. Our children age, toddling around looking for Easter eggs one minute, then dashing off to drive back to college the next. And our own perspectives--on the liturgy, God, or the meaning of the empty tomb--shift.


Who did you present at this year's Easter liturgy? Did you feel a change? Let us know in the comments.



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Life: A year in the Promised Land    

A sojourn in the City of David reveals both the joy and sorrow of life in Jerusalem. Cathleen Chopra-McGowan shares the stories of her travels. 

What's your sign?

Though the standard symbol of the Easter faith is the cross, Bryan Cones suggests an empty tomb might be more apropo.  


Culture: For God so loved the cosmos
When the Word became flesh, he became stardust, too, argues theologian Elizabeth A. Johnson, C.S.J. For that reason even the stones have a share in salvation. blogs


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The Examined Life: We shall overcome: Faith and the Tulsa shootings

There was plenty of somber news this weekend regarding the tragic shootings that took three lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but there was one interview that caught my attention.

Margin Notes: Torture: Wrong then, still wrong now
At least one Bush administration official disagreed with the former president's definition of torture, a recently declassified memo shows.  

The Examined Life: Ach Du meine Guete! Gay man approved for parish council in Austria
Actually, I thought that the news here should be: Gay man, 26, actually wants to be a member of the parish council. I can think of plenty of pastors who would give their eye-teeth for a 26-year-old council member (gay or straight).  



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