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April 2012
April 2012


Weekly Bulletin Archive 

Weekly Bulletin
March 27, 2012

GYA Questions, anyone?          


Spring tulips, daffodils, and lilies are in bloom, heralding and welcoming all the new Catholics who join the church this Easter. But while RCIA classes may be winding down, it doesn't mean the questions about the faith should stop. In fact, as any lifelong Catholic will say, the questions are never-ending--as they should be! And our Glad You Asked department is just the resource for you.


Whether you're a cradle Catholic or new to the fold, if you've got questions about the church's history, scripture, theology, and liturgy, send them our way ( We'll be "glad you asked" and do our best to provide brief, down-to-earth answers--even when talking about heaven. Don't have a specific question in mind? Peruse the many topics we've already covered



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Life: Kids these days...   

What's keeping young adults out of church? To find out, Bryan Cones suggests, we should start by asking them.

Who decided which books made it into the Bible?

We know that there are many writers featured in the Bible, but who was responsible for collecting these voices and quieting others? Alice Camille answers. 


Culture: Though the mountains may fall
Cheap coal is taking its toll not only on the decapitated mountains of Appalachia but on the demoralized people of the region as well, writes Kyle T. Kramer.           blogs


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The Examined Life: Should we be peddling the priesthood to the unemployed?  

"I do not offer you a great salary. I promise you a permanent job," says a recruitment video for the priesthood recently produced by Spain's bishops.

The Examined Life: Reinforcing gender-based power structures in the workplace
Picture a man in his 60s. He's been married for more than 30 years. His kids have all grown up and left home, moving on to college and jobs and families of their own.    


The Examined Life: The alleged and illusory moral superiority of Charles Murray's American "elite"
Scanning the coverage of Charles Murray's new book Coming Apart, in which he criticizes white working class America for its lack of good family values, I've been surprised at how non-controversial Murray's claim that wealthy and educated Americans have better moral values than the working class based on things like marriage rates and church attendance.


The Examined Life: Why targeting SNAP is a bad idea

Legal action taken by two Missouri dioceses against the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests is starting to gain traction in the media beginning with a New York Times story by Laurie Goodstein, which quoted the ever-ready-to-talk Bill Donohue of the Catholic League, saying that the U.S. bishops were acting "collectively" against SNAP.     


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