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How well has the church addressed sexual abuse? Take our survey.


April 2012
April 2012


Weekly Bulletin Archive 

Weekly Bulletin
March 20, 2012

sex abuse crisis 10 years after Dallas       


One of the chief complaints against the church in the immediate wake of the sex abuse crisis was the lack of transparency on the part of the bishops. The Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People attempted to change that by creating lay review boards and implementing a set of binding norms for how to respond to allegations of sexual misconduct involving children as well safeguards to protect children from harm.


Ten years have now passed since the charter was adopted, and we want to know if you think the church has improved its response to abuse. Take our Reader Survey and tell us if you think the charter has been successful. 


You can also tell us what you think about our April 2012 issue, where we have articles on supersized parishes, mountain top removal, and the Tea Party. Email your letters to the editor to


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Life: Help yourself   

If you're worn out from taking care of others, it may be time to remember the second (and equally important) part of Jesus' command to love your neighbor, says psychologist Robert Wicks.

Why are some deacons married?

The church doesn't require celibacy of all its clergy, writes Meghan Murphy-Gill. Most permanent deacons are ordained and married.


Culture: Not our cup of tea
The Tea Party is serving a bitter brew for the poor, and Catholics concerned about the common good should send their regrets says, John Gehring.           blogs


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The Examined Life: A pastoral funeral experience highlights the problems with Barbara Johnson's treatment  

With all the talk surrounding the controversy of Barbara Johnson being denied communion by the priest at her mother's funeral Mass, someone else has come forward with a story that serves as almost an antithesis to the way Johnson was treated.

Catholic Tastes: The beginning of the end for the Vatican-SSPX detente?
It's starting to look like the Society of St. Piux X isn't going to budge an inch to restore full ties to the Holy See and the rest of the Catholic Church.  


Margin Notes: Is this land made for you and me?
It sounds like Representative Cliff Stearns (R-FL) isn't singing along to the tune that our nation's public lands should be shared by all. Instead, he believes that right now we should sell our national parks to help raise revenues.


The Examined Life: The bishops' message on sexuality isn't unclear, just unheeded

Last week, the New York Times reported on a gay man who lost both of his church jobs after announcing his intention to marry his long-time partner, also a Catholic.   

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