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GLBT Catholics
March 2012

Weekly Bulletin Archive

Weekly Bulletin
March 6, 2012

What's so super about today?    


Today's Super Tuesday, the day when the Republican nominee for president will be all but decided, with more delegates up for the taking than on any other day in the primary season. Will it be Mitt Romney, who is trying to steer the national conversation back to the economy (on which he pledges his expertise), or Rick Santorum, the Catholic candidate from Pennsylvania whose resurgence in the race seems in large part thanks to the bishops' backlash against the HHS mandate? Or, will the dark horse, Catholic convert Newt Gingrich, rein in enough delegates today to make him a serious contender for the nomination?

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doubting thomas Life: Heavenly bodies   

Lent is a perfect time to reflect on the humanity of Jesus, as well as our own. Alice Camille explores scripture and tradition, as well as some unlikely sources, for the answer to what that humanity encompasses.      

Pride and prejudice 

While legislation regarding same-sex marriage may have pushed gay and lesbian issues to the fore in recent years, Kristen Hannum's timeline shows that the history of GLBT Catholics and their relationship with the church has been a long, winding road.     


Culture: Smoke and mirrors
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? Not the United States, whose social injustices have marred its image, writes Kevin Clarke.         blogs


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The Examined Life: Are Catholic hospitals and universities really in danger of closing?  

Chicago's Cardinal Francis George caused a stir last week when he wrote that Catholic-affiliated institutions are in danger of closing as a result of the Department of Health and Human Services' requirement of mandatory contraception coverage.

Margin Notes: War is a force that gives us meaning
There have been plenty of opinions expressed and words exchanged over the HHS mandate, the administration's religious conscience compromise, and about what exactly constitutes religious freedom. Many of the words have been heated and intense, and an alarming number of them have involved war imagery.

The Examined Life: Tide is turning on public perception of same-sex marriage 
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's decision to let the people decide on same-sex marriage may not work out quite the way he, or the Catholic Church, had hoped it would.  


The Examined Life: Denying communion at a funeral: An offense worthy of suspension? Definitely
From the category of "you cannot be serious": A priest of the Archdiocese of Washington, Rev. Marcel Guarnizo, has, according to the Washington Post, denied communion to woman at her mother's funeral because she is a lesbian and living with a woman. He informed her of that in the communion line. He also left the altar when she delivered the post-communion eulogy for her mother.  


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gillian welch Listen: The Harrow & The Harvest     

By Gillian Welch
(Acony Records, 2011)

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