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February 2012

Weekly Bulletin Archive

Weekly Bulletin
February 14, 2012

One true love?           


valentines Soul mates belong in the same category as frog princes and fairy godmothers: a nice idea, but the stuff of fairy tales, wrote Christine Whelan in a Sounding Board in 2008. Not that a special someone isn't special, but love takes work, a fact we often forget while weak-kneed and flutter-hearted.  

Buying into the idea that there is one person, our perfect match, just waiting to be discovered, can jeopardize loving relationships when the going gets tough--why would love be hard if the other person is meant to be with me?

What do you think? Are you holding out for your one and only? Or have you already found the man or woman of your dreams? Maybe you're in a life-long marriage and long ago realized that what makes it work isn't destiny but commitment. Let us know in the comments


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Life: Only you? Shattering the myth of a soul mate   

Prince Charming and Cinderella are fictional characters, argues Christine B. Whelan in this Sounding Board from 2008. It takes a hefty dose of reality to make a lifelong commitment work.     

Built of living stones 

Father Cyprian Davis, O.S.B. traces five valuable--if overlooked--historical gifts of "blackness."      


Culture: Do you hear the cry of the poor?
A new generation of Catholics is connecting faith and life by studying the theology of last century's Latin America. Fordham University professor Michael Lee explains how getting personal with the poor can lead to a new way of thinking about God.        blogs


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Margin Notes: Brother, can you spare $150?  

Hey, a dime doesn't go as far as it used to. But when it comes to understanding the realities of global poverty, it can be hard to get a handle on just how poor the poorest countries around the world are.

My Generation:
Why aren't Gen X and Y in church? Ask them.
I attended a conference called SECTS and the City here in Chicago last weekend on liturgy and young adults; it focused primarily on liturgy in mainline Protestant congregations, but included a Catholic laywomen who works for the Jesuit young adult outreach Charis Ministries.


The Examined Life: On the contraception mandate: Can the bishops speak credibly about a woman's health issue?
One thing that's been bothering me about the contraception mandate controversy is simply that most of those objecting to this attack on Catholic "religious freedom" or "conscience protection"--however the issue is styled--are men, and most of them celibate.  


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brueggemann Read: Journey to the Common Good         

By Walter Brueggemann (Westminster John Knox, 2010)

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