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Church teaching favors taxes over tea when it comes to promoting the common good.


January 2012

Weekly Bulletin Archive

Weekly Bulletin
January 31, 2012

Winter over         


chicago winter Even when the groundhog predicts an early spring, it's hard not to want to get away during the long, dark winter months, particularly in the northern states. Here in Chicago, where our offices are located, we'd happily take six more weeks of winter--if that really were true. (Spring doesn't get underway here until at least April and often not until May!)

While in the thick of winter, when the snow, the ice, and lack of daylight start to really get under your skin, what do you do to warm up? Do you take a beach vacation? Daydream about summer barbecues and ice cream stands? Or are you the type to hunker down during the cold months, catching up on reading and housework before the spring arrives? With the beginning of Lent around the corner, perhaps you clear your to-do list to make time for spiritual growth.

Let us know how you cope with the winter weather in the comment section on our website. 


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Life: To eternity and beyond!   

Space is a source for the imagination, writes Bryan Cones, where you can deepen your faith.   

Dancing with the stars 

Stars aren't just giant balls of glowing gas, says the former director of the Vatican Observatory, George Coyne, S.J.     


Culture: Unbalanced diet
Something is seriously wrong when one half of the globe suffers from hunger and malnutrition and the other from obesity, writes Kevin Clarke.    blogs


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The Examined Life: Have the bishops succeeded in stirring an outcry against the contraceptive mandate? 
You may have heard by now that the U.S. Catholic bishops aren't too thrilled (to put it mildly) with the Obama administration's refusal to grant a broader religious exemption to the mandate that employee health care plans include coverage of contraception. In fact, you might have heard about it during Mass this weekend.


Margin Notes: Remembering (and empowering) Haiti
As with most large-scale natural disasters, we often have a quick and genuine response to help those in need. Donations immediately pour out as images of victims and mass destruction fill the media. Inevitably, time passes, we start to forget, and new disasters come along which need our attention 


The Examined Life: Bishop's Hitler comment comment another black eye for Catholic image
Here we go again: A Catholic bishop has to apologize for making an off-the-cuff comment that has drawn the ire of the general public.


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