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Survey: The Tea Party and Catholics
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Church teaching favors taxes over tea when it comes to promoting the common good.


January 2012

Weekly Bulletin Archive

Weekly Bulletin
January 24, 2012

Taxes or tea?      


tea party One of the most dreaded dates on the American calendar is just around the corner: April 15, the deadline for filing your taxes. Whether you're banking on a big return or dreading paying your dues, tax season is a time that few outside of the accounting world look forward to.

That's especially true for members of the Tea Party, who believe America is on the verge of death from taxes. And though the Tea Party may claim its objection to perceived over-taxation is patriotic, their beliefs don't fall in line with Catholic social teaching, argues John Gehring in this month's Sounding Board. Paying your fair share, Gehring argues, is a key component of the church's teaching on promoting the common good.

So which do you believe? Take our survey and let us know where you stand--we promise it won't be as complicated as filling out your tax forms.  


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Newman Life: New man on campus      

Catholic coeds have long relied on the Newman Center to keep the faith at college. J.D. Long-Garcia reports how new teams of missionaries are taking the gospel to the quad, two by two.   

Off the corporate ladder 

As full-time parish positions become a career option, many laypeople are seeking a new degree of expertise, writes Leslie Scanlon.   


Culture: Performance review
With President Obama's term up for renewal, nearly 700 visitors to judge the incumbent's record against the promises that swept him into office. Scott Alessi reports on what they had to say.   blogs


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The Examined Life: Is eliminating communion in the hand the next change to the Mass?  
If you haven't had enough change with adapting to the new translation of the Roman Missal, two Australian priests are hoping to make another amendment to our current worship practices: mandatory reception of communion on the tongue.


The Examined Life: The latest bomb in the culture war: The prelates, the president, and the pill
A few more are weighing in now on the HHS contraception mandate. Probably the most well-rounded is Grant Gallicho at Commonweal, who spins out lots of possibilities about why the Obama administration decided to go the route of extending the deadline for a year 


Margin Notes: Catholic leaders to candidates: Stop promoting racial stereotypes in campaigns
Catholic presidential candidates Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have made splashes in the headlines recently for uninformed and condescending remarks about black people in America.


My Generation: More on Jesus and/vs religion
Well, you had to know it would happen. There's a video response to the "Jesus is greater than religion" viral video. This one's Catholic. You know that because there's a priest in front of the altar that's most likely in a Catholic Church.


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