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Survey: The Tea Party and Catholics
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Church teaching favors taxes over tea when it comes to promoting the common good.


January 2012

Weekly Bulletin Archive

Weekly Bulletin
January 17, 2012

Presidential review     


obama With the Republican primaries underway, it's hard not to think about the presidential election--even though it's still 10 months away. In honor of President's Day, for our February 2012 issue, we asked readers to rate President Obama, and the response was overwhelming: Nearly 700 let us know whether they think the President is up to par on issues that matter most to Catholics.


But space in our magazine is limited, and we were only able to print a handful of the responses. So we compiled a page for with our favorite responses. Consider it the unabridged version of Feedback.


Didn't get a chance to take the survey? Read the Reader Survey and write a letter to the editor (email it to While you're at it, take a look at the rest of our February issue and let us know what you think. 


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MLK Life: King and I         

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. becomes less of an icon but more of a hero, writes Father Bryan Massingale, when you take a few steps in his preacher's shoes. 

Bring remarried Catholics back to the table

The standard approach to remarried Catholics is long on law but short on mercy, argues Austrian theologian Father Paul M. Zulehner, who suggests a more pastoral approach used in his country.  


Culture: Stay of execution
With a common commitment, Catholics can make capital punishment a thing of the past, writes Bryan Cones.  blogs


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Margin Notes: Remembering King and a campaign interrupted  
Rev. Martin Luther King is remembered, of course, for his role in the U.S. civil rights movement and the heroic sacrifice that commitment ultimately demanded.


The Examined Life: Feedback on the new Mass: Our readers check in  
As the first Sunday of Advent rolled around last November--and with it the revised English translations of the Mass--we asked U.S. Catholic readers and website visitors to do some in-the-congregation reporting about how it all turned out. 


Margin Notes: I beg your pardon: Haley Barbour's criminal justice controversy
News that Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour handed out more than 200 pardons on his way out of office has created an uproar in the state, from expressions of shock and outrage to legal challenges.


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Obama Film: The Ides of March       

Directed by George Clooney (Columbia Pictures, 2011)

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