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Survey: Grading Obama
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With just a year left in this presidential term, we want to hear how well you think the Obama administration has appealed to Catholic social and moral teaching.


November 2011
November 2011



Weekly Bulletin Archive 

Weekly Bulletin
November 15, 2011

Obama Making the moral grade

Have you ever heard the old saying that you shouldn't bring up religion or politics in mixed company? Well for the past three years, the saying might as well have been "Don't bring up Barack Obama when talking to Catholics."

Ever since Obama began his road to the White House he has been a highly polarizing figure among people of faith. Some embrace him as a great hope for the common good whose policies favor the least among us. Others call him a threat to religious freedom who stands in opposition to the church's most fundamental moral teachings. One thing's for sure: Ask a Catholic what they think of the president and you're unlikely to get a neutral response.

Well, we're asking. Take our latest Reader Survey and let us know how you grade the president's first three years in office. We'll share a sampling of your feedback in our February 2012 issue, which is sure to provide some valuable insight for Obama and his Republican opponent on the campaign trail



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Life: Put in a good word   

Rosy remembrances of the dead may not be true to life, writes Patrick Gallagher, but they may be true healing for the living.  


Church: Why do we anoint the sick?
The church's practice of anointing the sick is rooted in the miracles of Jesus, writes Victoria M. Tufano. The sacrament "works" by offering hope in times of illness.


Culture: Put faith in your vote  

Jesus may not have lived in a modern democracy, but it doesn't hurt to ask yourself what he would do when you head to the voting booth, says Bryan Cones. blogs


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The Examined Life: Power to the people

I'm not sure I care what the official reasoning for Bishop Thomas Olmsted's change of heart about communion from the cup--his own misunderstanding of the law, miscommunication by the diocese (blame the PR guy!), or "upsetting" articles in the religious and secular media--but congratulations to the faithful in Phoenix for mobliizing and getting a wrong-headed decision overturned.  


Margin Notes: Rick Perry's other big mistake    

Much ado has been made about Rick Perry's gaffe at last Wednesday night's Republican candidate debate, where the Texas governor could not recall the name of the third department of the government that he would eliminate if elected president.   


The Examined Life: Vatican's financial reform document inspires more childish antics

Just when you thought the fighting among Catholics over the Vatican's document on global financial reform had died down, along comes round two.


The Examined Life: Parsing "religious freedom"
The bishops of Maryland today released document called "The Most Sacred of All Property: Religious Freedom and the People of Maryland," which outlines what the bishops see as threats to religious freedom, with some telling examples.


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Movie: Forks over Knives           

Directed by Lee Fulkerson (Monica Beach Media, 2011)

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