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Survey: Grading Obama
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With just a year left in this presidential term, we want to hear how well you think the Obama administration has appealed to Catholic social and moral teaching.


November 2011
November 2011



Weekly Bulletin Archive 

Weekly Bulletin
November 8, 2011

Sister Pat Nuns on board

Occupy Wall Street is hanging on to headlines, but Catholic sisters have been in the habit of holding corporate America accountable for decades on everything from pollution to putting the poor first. Are these sisters out of place in the boardrooms of big business? Read Sister Pat battles the board and then send us your thoughts in a letter to the editor (  


Changes to the Mass more your speed? Then click through to Bryan Cones' December column about bishops who are yanking the cup at Mass, his Glad You Asked on the new Mass translations, or Greg Pierce's Sounding Board on parish ministers who hog the spotlight.

Great readers make great magazines, so tell us what you think of our December issue. Your response may appear in the next issue of U.S. Catholic.     


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Life: Family album
Sharing mementos of departed loved ones is a picture-perfect way for a parish to mark the month of All Souls, writes Sue Stanton in Practicing Catholic.


Church: Lives of saints: Deleted scenes
Joel Schorn profiles some holy heroes whose halos started out a little crooked.


Culture: Is Dia de los Muertos the same as All Souls Day?       

Catholics of all cultures honor the dead. Joel Schorn explores the similarities and differences between the Mexican celebration and the whole church's in this Glad You Asked. blogs


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The Examined Life: Are we living in an age of anti-Catholic bias?    

In the political standoff between the U.S. government and the nation's Catholic bishops, "religious liberty" has become the new buzzword of late. In fact, some would say the recent string of decisions in Washington that have come at the expense of the church amount to nothing short of an anti-Catholic bias. 


The Examined Life: Please insert foot in mouth

We can enter another piece of evidence into the case against reactionary responses to the mere mention of the word abortion. 


The Examined Life: The new Mass translations and the "Dad test" 
While having the usual Sunday chat with the parental units, my dad mentioned that he and my mom went to the Sunday evening Mass at their parish--and left irritated.


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The week in Catholic news


CCHD rebuts new charges that funded groups violate Catholic teaching

US bishops' adviser resigns following column linking same-sex attraction with devil

Seven billion and counting--counting on help from somewhere


U.S. Catholic review


Movie: Forks over Knives           

Directed by Lee Fulkerson (Monica Beach Media, 2011)

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