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Survey: Grading Obama
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ObamaHow do you grade the president? 


With just a year left in this presidential term, we want to hear how well you think the Obama administration has appealed to Catholic social and moral teaching.


November 2011
November 2011



Weekly Bulletin Archive 

Weekly Bulletin
October 25, 2011

halloween Don't be ghouled! Halloween's not scary!

Don't look now, but frightful creatures will soon be wandering the streets. Sure, ghosts, goblins, witches and demons may be creepy, but there's nothing to fear when it comes to Halloween, argues Angelo Stagnaro in one of our favorite Sounding Boards--except maybe a big dentist bill.

And Halloween isn't just about the fun of dressing up and going trick or treating--it is the continuation of a holiday rooted in Catholic tradition. So relax and enjoy your costume parties and collecting candy with the kids around the neighborhood. Just be sure to brush. Especially after the Dots and Mike & Ikes.


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Life: God-spotting 

People in India and the United States may be on opposite ends of the belief spectrum, writes Jo McGowan, but both cultures must make a case for God that includes everyone.


Church: Let's stop ignoring domestic violence

When hands strike at home, the church can't tell victims to turn the other cheek, argues Father Charles W. Dahm, O.P. in Sounding Board.


Culture: How do you grade the president?     

According to Catholic values, has Obama scored high or low? Take our Reader Survey and let us know. Results will be published in the February 2011 issue, just in time for Presidents' Day. blogs


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The Examined Life: Extra! Extra! The Mass is changing!     

With its story on the revised Mass translations, USA Today (via the Louisville Courier Journal) may accomplish what so far at least the U.S. Catholic bishops, the Catholic media, and Catholic pastors have not: Getting the word out to the 75 percent of Catholics who don't already know that on November 27, it's the end of the Mass as we know it (to paraphrase the late, great REM).


Margin Notes: Salon, Croseus, and Gaddafi

The final moments of Muammar Gaddafi represent only the latest images of a despot driven to ground. In the past history was occasionally captured on film; now it appears cellphones will mean that not a single moment of human civilization and its various failures will escape capture for posterity's viewing pleasure--or disquiet.


Catholic Tastes:  October is the cruelest month for Cubs fans 

As the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers prepared to meet in the World Series this week, a "friend" sent me an article that began like this: "The distance between St. Louis and Chicago is 290 miles. In baseball terms, the gap is much larger."    


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Vatican document calls for global authority to regulate markets

Vatican officials see agreement in church teaching, Occupy Wall Street

Illinois bill seeks to allow Catholic Charities to continue adoptions


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Movie: Catholicism          

Directed by Matt Leonard (A Word on Fire/Picture Show Films Production, 2011)

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