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Survey: Divorce
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divorce Remarried Catholics shouldn't be divorced from communion

Everyone makes mistakes, argues an Austrian theologian in this month's Sounding Board. That's why divorced and remarried Catholics deserve a second chance when it comes to receiving full communion in the church.


October 2011
October 2011



Weekly Bulletin Archive 

Weekly Bulletin
October 11, 2011

I now pronounce you: Out of the fold

Happily ever after is not the way of all marriages. Divorces are increasingly common, but many Catholics get a second chance at marriage, raising a major pastoral question for the church: Can we keep denying full communion to those who divorce and remarry? This month's Sounding Board author argues that we shouldn't. Read why Austrian theologian Paul M. Zulehner says keeping at arm's length people who've been divorced is bad for the whole family of God, then tell us what you think.

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Where do babies come from? Church: Where do babies come from? 

Though Catholic teaching says that in vitro fertilization is ill-conceived, quite a few Catholic couples are putting their faith in the laboratory in a last ditch effort for a family, reports Patrick T. Reardon.


Culture: A killer toothache 

We should tell it like it is, writes Kevin Clarke: In an effort to make ends meet, some American families are making deadly decisions.


Life: She's Nobody  

Emily Dickinson may have found it dreary to be Somebody, but Joan Sauro, C.S.J. finds her worthy of remembrance. blogs


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Margin Notes: The new reality of the American Dream

At last weekend's Values Voters Summit, Speaker of the House John Boehner talked about the American Dream and the possibility that anything can be achieved through hard work. In light of the nation's current economic status, Boehner's remarks

seem pretty out of touch with reality.


Margin Notes: CCHD under attack...Here we go again

The latest report from the Reform CCHD Now Coalition was released yesterday, and not surprisingly, they still aren't happy with the work of the U.S. bishops' Catholic Campaign for Human Development.


Margin Notes: Less war, more jobs: How hard is that?
Last Friday marked an incredible 10 years since the United States began the use of military force in Afghanistan. The results have been well documented, including the many lives lost and hundreds of billions of dollars (and counting) spent on the war. And it continues to drag on, with no immediate end in sight.  


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For US Hispanics, poverty is growing faster with little relief in sight

Horn of Africa risks lost generation due to famine, says cardinal

Peoria Catholic Charities withdraws from state social service contracts


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