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Survey: Divorce
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divorce Remarried Catholics shouldn't be divorced from communion

Everyone makes mistakes, argues an Austrian theologian in this month's Sounding Board. That's why divorced and remarried Catholics deserve a second chance when it comes to receiving full communion in the church.


October 2011
October 2011



Weekly Bulletin Archive 

Weekly Bulletin
October 4, 2011

Must see TV? 
Sure, it might be better to read a book (or better yet, a copy of U.S. Catholic), but sometimes it's nice to just flip on the TV and be a couch potato for a while. With all the new fall shows hitting the airwaves, plus the return of last year's favorites, it's tough not to want to make a big bowl of popcorn and settle in for a riveting drama, a good comedy, or even a favorite old movie.

But what to watch? Or rather, how to watch? In her interview with U.S. Catholic, Sister Rose Pacatte gives sound advice on how to use our brains, not just our eyes and ears, when watching TV. In some cases, we might even find a show that inspires us to reflect on life's big questions about God, love, and the difference between right and wrong. And what if you find the small screen uninspiring? Check out our book, film, and music reviews section for suggestions on entertainment of the big screen, boom box, or in the old-fashioned bound variety.

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Life: Road tripped 

When life hands you lemons, you're supposed to make lemonade, right? Bryan Cones admits that it's hard to have a sunny outlook when those lemons come in the form of serious illness, unemployment, or loss of a loved one.


Church: Why drink from the cup? 

Though the fullness of Christ is present in the eucharistic bread alone, Jim Dinn writes that if you skip communion from the cup, you don't know what you're missing.


Culture: House work

More than 30 years after the death of Dorothy Day, the Catholic Worker movement she helped found still labors to bring about her vision of local hospitality and global peace, Karen Kirkwood reports. blogs


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The Examined Life: Have gun. Will preach. Seriously? Christian ethics and Machine Gun Preacher   

The reviews are in: Machine Gun Preacher is, um, what was that again?


Margin Notes: Refueling our social consciousness 

A few years back, I had a conversation with a priest who was routinely invited to attend a benefit dinner where he would be recognized for the amount of money his parish raised as part of an annual charitable drive.


Margin Notes: War no more: 10 years in Afghanistan
Last month we observed the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks on the United States.


My Generation: Who's waiting for marriage? Not even evangelicals, it seems
Despite the widespread prevalence of chastity rallies, purity rings, abstinence pledges, and popular guides to varying levels of intimacy, it turns out that evangelicals are having sex outside of marriage just as much as everyone else.


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More comments filed objecting to HHS mandate, religious exemption

Living dreams: Youth program targets those at risk in Managua barrio

Dead wrong: Catholics must no longer support capital punishment


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Movie:The Debt        

Directed by John Madden (Marv Films, 2010)

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