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birthday cake
Let's not make Mass about the insiders

Should we keep the birthday celebrations outside of Mass? Or does a round of "Happy Birthday" to parish staff show deserved appreciation? Read this month's Sounding Board, and give us your feedback.


October 2011
October 2011



Weekly Bulletin Archive 

Weekly Bulletin
September 27, 2011

Touched by an angel  
Whether they're cute winged babies with rosy cheeks or ethereal beings full of light, what's not to love about angels? In the Bible, they often come with a message from God: "Be not afraid." In the Catholic tradition, there are "myriad references to them," says U.S. Catholic columnist Alice Camille, and they play a "distinct role in the narrative of salvation."

This week the church celebrates the archangels Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael on Thursday and the guardian angels on Sunday. Maybe like Father John Shea, you think of angels as "companions on a human adventure," or have a story of a close encounter with a guardian angel. Let us know what you think of these mysterious, heavenly creatures.



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Life:  Eating is believing 

The American diet is making us sick in soul as well as body, says Catholic chef Kevin Gillespie. A proponent of the Slow Food movement, he suggests Catholics should sit and think before they take and eat.   


Church: Let's not make Mass about the insiders

Shining the spotlight on a select few by singing "Happy Birthday" or clapping during Mass leaves much of the congregation on the outside looking in, writes Greg Pierce. He argues that the cake, candles, and other insider celebrations should be saved for coffee hour.


Culture: Urban planting

While not quite Eden, concrete jungles and neighborhood dead zones are showing new signs of life, thanks to the efforts of a few green thumbs, reports Olga Bonfiglio. blogs


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The Examined Life: Honoring five overlooked 'martyrs of solidarity'    

Amidst the news surrounding Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Germany this weekend, somewhat overlooked in the headlines has been the beatification of five Daughters of Divine Charity in Sarajevo.


Margin Notes: Poverty moves to the burbs (cont'd)    

Poverty has moved to the suburbs in the United States. We reported on this phenomenon almost a year ago, but a recent Brookings Institution study of Census Bureau data on poverty confirms that there are more poor living in U.S. suburbs now than in America's cities.   


The Examined Life: An autumn reflection
It's been a busy week here at U.S. Catholic, as we successfully made the deadline for our November issue.


Margin Notes: Making decisions based on faith, not that pesky science
Candidates take note: If you hope to court the vote of Tea Partiers and evangelicals, be sure to denounce the science of climate change and evolution.


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Phoenix Diocese to adopt new norms for Communion cup

Religious exemption to HHS mandate 'wholly inadequate,' CHA head says

Catholic, other groups mourn executions of Georgia, Texas inmates


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Movie:The Debt        

Directed by John Madden (Marv Films, 2010)

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