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Let's not make Mass about the insiders

Should we keep the birthday celebrations outside of Mass? Or does a round of "Happy Birthday" to parish staff show deserved appreciation? Read this month's Sounding Board, and give us your feedback.


September 2011

September 2011



Weekly Bulletin Archive 

Weekly Bulletin
September 13, 2011

I'm open Get in the game      


With the first pro football kickoff last weekend, fall is officially underway. Wind ups are winding down for baseball players, while football players are going long in hopes for a season that lasts into January.

Whether it's team spirit and camaraderie or endurance training, sports can be a path for God's grace to enter our lives. Watching football players get open in the end zone can remind us of how hard we must work to stay open to the Holy Spirit, while the pain of pounding the pavement in an afternoon run offers time for prayer and sacrifice.

Do you play sports? Can you see God at play in your training? Let us know in the comments. Also, be sure to tell us what you think of our October issue by sending a letter to the editor


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Life: No pain, no gain

Sister Mary Patrick's call to "offer it up" in grammar school may now seem a bit outdated, acknowledges Bill Harkins, but it can also be a way to tough it out with those who don't get a choice about when it hurts.

Why do we say Mary is "ever virgin"?

Mary's virginity is has long been understood as a symbol of her purity, write Bob O'Gorman and Mary Faulker in this Glad You Asked from the archives. But the word "virgin" has meant different things depending on the time and place.

Day of Recollection

The terrorist attacks of that clear September day 10 years ago changed the world in many ways, writes Heidi Schlumpf in this Reader Survey. What hasn't changed, however, is U.S. Catholic readers' resolve to seek a change for the better. blogs


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The Examined Life: Communion for the divorced and remarried: A bishop said that?

"We are all faced with the problem of how we can help people in whose lives certain things have gone wrong and that includes a wrecked marriage. This is a question of mercy and we will be discussing this problem intensively in the near future."

The Examined Life:
A Catholic defense strategy?

I was only half paying attention to an interview with U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta on the radio this morning when he said something that piqued my interest: that his work is seriously influenced by his Catholic faith.

Catholic Tastes:
The quest for the missing iPhone

A prototype of Apple's new iPhone 5 recently went missing, and the company is doing everything in its power to get it back--including allegedly misleading and possibly threatening a suspect.


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The week in Catholic news


Military archdiocese sees increase in Catholic military chaplains

Pakistani student says freedom in his country was victim of 9/11

Promoting moral values leads to social peace, pope tells ambassador


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Book: The Bread of Angels: A Journey of Love and Faith 

By Stephanie Saldaņa (Anchor Books, 2011)

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