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Survey: Green burials
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green burials

O, death, where is thy ecological concern?  

Should Catholics be more concerned about environmentally friendly funerals? Read this month's Sounding Board, and give us your feedback.

September 2011

September 2011



Weekly Bulletin Archive 

Weekly Bulletin
August 23, 2011

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Culture: Peace by piece

Though the War on Terror rages on, we must turn our efforts to building a just peace, says Maryann Cusimano Love in Expert Witness.   


Life: Retro-actives       

Millennial Catholics may be young in body, but their souls often seek the spirituality of another era, writes Heather Grennan Gary.


Church: Born-again Catholics        

While the Catholic lives of most of the faithful start in the cradle, J. Peter Nixon reports on those who found their way to Rome long after they had made their way to Christ.  blogs


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The Examined Life: No altar girls = more priests?   

It's a strange-looking equation, I know, but another priest has used it to justify his decision to ban girls from serving at Mass.


Margin Notes: The surprising face of human trafficking
When you hear the words "human trafficker," what do you picture? Whatever image those words conjure up in your mind, your first thought is probably not a 23-year-old, five-foot-five white male in Providence, Rhode Island.  


The Examined Life: IL Catholic Charities loses first round on adoption and foster care: Now what?    

As was completely expected, Sangamon County (Illinois) Judge John Schmidt ruled yesterday that Illinois DCFS can sever its decades-old relationship with Catholic Charities on the grounds that Catholic Charities will not serve same- or opposite-sex couples in civil unions (about 5 percent of civil union pairs are opposite sex), as a new state law requires.      


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The week in Catholic news


Eating with pope is a permanent memory; the menu, not so much

Libya's rebel leader denies claims of Islamic extremists in group

New policy on deportation reviews could allow some to stay in U.S.


U.S. Catholic review


Book: Will there be faith?          

By Thomas H. Groome (HarperOne, 2011)