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Survey: Green burials
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green burials

O, death, where is thy ecological concern?  

Should Catholics be more concerned about environmentally friendly funerals? Read this month's Sounding Board, and give us your feedback.

August 2011
August 2011 

Weekly Bulletin Archive 

Weekly Bulletin
August 16, 2011

Read letter day         


When you check your mail, be it of the snail or electronic variety, don't you love it when you get something personal, something that stands out amidst the junk mail, the catalogs, and the bills? We at U.S. Catholic do, too, and we'd love to hear from you.

After you've had a chance to flip through the September issue, why not send us a letter? (We prefer the electronic variety.) Tell us what you think of this month's cover story, columns, and features. Did our interview with Maryann Cusimano Love about the possibility of a "just peace" in the war on terror break new ground or confirm what you already thought? Did we forget something in the piece on obstacles to religious and priestly vocations?

Email and we may print what you have to say in next month's letters to the editor.      


This week on     

Culture: O, death, where is thy ecological concern? 

The environment is an end-of-life issue, too, says Joe Sehee of the Green Burials Council. Caring for creation shouldn't stop when we die. 


Life: Global youth group      

The trip to World Youth Day can be a major step for young people discerning their place in the church, reports Lindsay Mudd.


Mary Church: Where do we get the Marian dogmas?        

While not official dogma until the 19th century, Catholic beliefs about Mary have been around for ages, writes John Switzer in Glad You Asked. blogs


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My Generation: The spirit of Vatican II still speaks to the youth of today   

World Youth Day, I suspect, attracts, inspires and/or meets the spiritual needs of those young people looking for a highly structured, hierarchical, institutionalized approach to spirituality, which is what the official version of the Catholic Church currently offers.


Margin Notes: Good Samaritan? You have the right to remain silent...
Ever give someone a ride home from church after Mass? If you didn't stop to check their paperwork first, you might have been committing a crime.  


Margin Notes: Fate of 'uncontacted' tribe feared   

In the current issue I reviewed some of the threats to the remaining "uncontacted" people in South America ("Leave no trace: 'Uncontacted' people in South America"), noting the identification of one indigenous group recently by Brazilian authorities.      


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The week in Catholic news


Families, church officials search for northbound Mexicans who disappear

Diocese of Orange increases its bid for Crystal Cathedral

Vatican announces indulgences for World Youth Day


U.S. Catholic review


Book: Will there be faith?          

By Thomas H. Groome (HarperOne, 2011)